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Royal Film Performance 2008 Premiere

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I didn’t get to go to the ‘Body of Lies’ premiere because, well, I’m actually employed. In a capacity other than going to movie premieres. Still, this one was supposedly going to be ‘huge’ because it was this year’s Royal Film Performance movie, and even though I’d heard (though I couldn’t immediately place) some of the actors in the film ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’, there were rumours (based on the word ‘Royal’ in the phrase ‘Royal Film Performance’) that The Queen might attend. And that was worth braving the… actually it didn’t rain and it wasn’t that cold. Or that crowded, all things considered.

It was worth being there, in other words.

It’s this year’s Royal Film Performance. Also known by me as “If the royal in question is ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’ I’m walking outta here” (ps. it wasn’t)

Look! It’s Ian Hislop!! (I don’t know who Ian Hislop is)

Andy Serkiss (Gollum in Lord of the Rings, King Kong in ‘King Kong’) still appears to be contractually obliged to attend every movie premiere in London.

This is Derek Jacobi, indicating “If you’re going to profess not to know what I’ve done in my illustrious career as a thespian of some reknown, could you at least remember I’ve got a knighthood?”.

Sir Derek Jacobi (who?) was the vampire Corvinus in ‘Underworld’, Senator Gracchus in ‘Gladiator’ and I believe had the titular role of Claudius in “I, Claudius”

Samantha Bond, who played Miss Moneypenny in all the Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond films

Imelda Staunton, who played the hated Dolores Umbridge in the last Harry Potter film just a little TOO well for my liking!

The lineup.

Actress Camilla Arfwedson, awesomely embodying the spirit of “what does a girl have to wear (or not wear) to be Photo for the Day?”.

Okay, time to play "Pick the Celebrity and Pick the “… and guest” ".
(I picked wrong. She’s the celebrity, and her name is Sophia Hyatt. And unless he’s a famouse rap star with the (rather awesome) stage name ‘And Guest’, he’s just her guest, according to

Sigh. I’m probably just short of being as intrinsically cool as that dude. Whoever he is.

Check out that Bentley!! (Oh, yeah. And the head of the Commonwealth getting out of it.).

“Ahem. And does her majesty have her cinema ticket with her?”
“Oh, dear. This could be frightfully embarrassing for one…”

So in She went. And I decided, in an unprecedented move (to coincide with what could be an unprecedented chance to EVER photograph QE2) to actually STAY where I was for the full runtime of the film and try to photograph her again as she came out….

and then she did.

Queen ANGRY!! Queen SMASH!!
The don’t put that portrait on the back of coins and banknotes…

“No, one will not be taking the ‘Tube’ home…. whatever that is”

Anyway, as far as photography goes… that was a pretty good expedition. Next up, if I can drag myself there, is the Madagascar2 Premiere this weekend. Is it an afternoon premiere? Is it an evening premiere? Will Yellow Cap Guy make an appearance (I think we know the likely answer to that question….)

Until next time, at which point hopefully it will join the archive of:
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