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One Photo Per Day : 16th October - 5th November

A big three weeks, charting the continuation of my holiday, a return to London, a movie premiere and a Vogue event, an Austrian supercar and the onset of winter. Would you believe that a photo of the actor who plays Mini-Me on a mobility scooter, one of the hosts of the BBCs Top Gear, members of the band Take That and Spongebob Squarepants all failed to make it to this selection? We live in strange times, indeed.

October 16th. After thinking for about 15 minutes, I finally found an angle of the Sydney Opera House I hadn’t previously taken of photo of. Woohoo!!

October 17th. A quintessentially Aussie sight (and might I draw your attention to the rather neat panning of this particular shot, taken from a car in motion?)

October 18th. My Etihad flight was due to arrive in Abu Dhabi moments past midnight. And though I didn’t know it yet, it would be another eight hours from midnight (and in Dubai) that I got any sleep at all. Woo! Adventure!!

October 19th. The Suburb of Deira, across Dubai Creek. I stayed in Deira, which was kind of a cross between Campbelltown and Baghdad but dustier and safer than either.

October 20th. Sometimes you gotta say no to a $25 taxi and take the option that involves 35 degree heat and walking on the side of a four lane highway overpass to take some unique shots you couldn’t get any other way.

October 21st. A little bit of light and shadow in the entryway to the mosque in Bastakiya. It’s a sort of restoration of what Old Dubai used to look like, but I say without the crowds and the noise and the dust, what’s the point??

October 22nd. Paranoid about missing my plane, I left Dubai for the 130km trip to Abu Dhabi early enough to miss morning peak in both cities. And succeeded! (The thin building on the left is the Burj Dubai, currently the world’s tallest structure even though it apparently still has 100-150m left to be added to the top)

October 23rd. Back in London and back at work. I’d already had a morning celebrity pap-experience, and IT still hadn’t provided us with the printer they’d promised a fortnight ago, so not much had changed.

October 24th. I was forced to seek a coin laundry after work to do some emergency washing. It was worth it just for this shot of the old lady waiting so still as to be camouflaged for her washing to finish.

October 25th. KTM are an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer who also do the X-Bow, a 237bhp vehicle weighing only 700kg. Seeing one at the lights outside my window in the afternoon was somewhat of a surprise (and seeing it annihilate the mere sedan next to it for acceleration was a privilege)

October 26th. Ceiling light at the local Costas. I needed a little abstract (and a little more caffeine) in my morning, I felt.

October 27th. Chimneys near Baker Street. The mornings are crisp, and those ‘ski dubai’ gloves I bought for about one british pound in the UAE are proving to be a reasonably good purchase.

October 28th. “Take That” were at BBC1 in the morning, and though I respect their ten British #1 singles and strong work ethic, I kind of like this photo more. It’s at Leicester Square, in preparation for tomorrow’s world premiere.

October 29th. At the James Bond Premiere .Out of 250 photos taken , I think about three were what I’d call “Good”. I guess I should be happy one of the them was of Bond himself, but… but… Olga Kurylenko… she was right there!!

October 30th. One of the more strange galleries/installations/offices in the NoHo area. This one is on Eastcastle Street.

October 31st. Piccadilly Circus on another crisp morning in the British capital. The weather has been very good of late, once you get past the cold and the increasingly later sunrises and earlier sunsets.

November 1st. Crowds milling around the dinosaur skeleton at the Natural History Museum.

November 2nd. Waffles for friend’s farewell, Frulli and a Grand Prix in the afternoon. Nice!

November 3rd. I can’t believe the story of this photo of model Claudia Schiffer begins with ‘I was just walking to the tube from the coin-op laundry where I’d done some washing and then…’

November 4th. US Election Day, and the same venue as yesterday’s Vogue party was today illuminated with Stars and Stripes for the occasion.

November 5th. Remember, Remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot…

So…. it’s going to be a tricky task for the next twenty odd days to match the excitement of this group. But you know, I’ll try. And even if they can’t, the camera will be there to capture the failure!

Oh, in case you’re interested, this batch (#11) follows on from:
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