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One Photo Per Day : 6th-25th September

Part IX continues on from Part VIII , I think this may be the first set of 20 or so shots that didn’t involve a photo taken outside England. Then again, it does feature Al Pacino, Jack Black and a building in the ‘Brutalist’ style. Actually, there’s far too many celeb shots in this lot… I think I need to schedule more holidays!)

September 6th. St Albans. And…. I have nothing to add.

September 7th. Canal on Maida Vale. Better photos were taken today, and even on my camera. But not by me, which is kind of a problem. Never mind, it was a good day anyway.

September 8th. This is Trellick Tower in London. Awesomeness part 1 : its architectural style: ‘Brutalism’. Awesomeness part 2 : the architects name : ‘Erno Goldfinger’.

September 9th. St Pancras Train Station, containing 2 Cafe Neros, two Paul’s, a Costas and a Starbucks… not to mention the world’s longest Champagne bar. I like to linger…

September 10th. Singer Katy Perry. She kissed a girl, and she liked it. (A snap poll of other guys around the office confirmed my high level of support for her perspective)

September 11th. Harrods, London. They don’t sell Effen Vodka, but they do have a Fossils department. An interesting trade-off…

September 12th. St Albans. It’s getting darker in the morning…

September 13th. Thames Cruise. It’s actually quite rare to see the lifting of theTower Bridge, although The Internet informs me that it’s done about 1000 times a year. Which seems to me to be the opposite of what I just wrote.

September 14th. Righteous Kill Premiere. Academy Award winner Al Pacino strays a bit too close to my 50mm lens. Nice detail – thanks Pentax!

September 15th. A Chairman Mao mural regards the ‘Americana Cosmetics’ store near Kings Cross.

September 16th. Jack Black, at the Tropic Thunder Premiere (He still owes me $5.)

September 17th. Pussycat Dolls just outside BBC1 Studios. The centre one is going out with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, whereas I think rest are just generically famous.

September 18th. I’ve been wanting to take a shot from this perspective for a while. Pamela Anderson (yes, THE Pamele Anderson as opposed to a different one) arrives at the BBC1 studios

September 19th. ‘The Hope’ pub in Farringdon. Not much to add. I didn’t stop for a beer, but I did hope IT would get back to me on some issues I’d continued to have with network and printer access. As always, though, it was more about ‘the hope’ than ‘the delivery’.

September 20th. One of Many . Railing on a church fence – St Albans Abbey on a spectacularly sunny day. Now to find a pub that serves Frulli beer….

September 21st. Apparently the Queen has to formally request permission to pass into London City, as signified by dragons placed around ‘the place’. (By ‘the Queen’, obviously they mean some meaningless minion)

September 22nd. An only partially successful attempt at a tilt-shift photo edit. I’m so totally 2006 right now…

September 23rd. (“what do you mean? Your apartment DOES have at least one window!!”)

September 24th. My decision to walk to work from Kings Cross rather than take the tube pays off with this photo. Very coolly coincident signage and building design.

September 25th. My decision to walk to Blackfriars from Waterloo after the trip back from Hook also pays off with this photo.

Until next time!!

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