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Tropic Thunder Premiere Photos

A mere two days after the Righteous Kill Premiere I had a chance at another one. This one was the Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jnr comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’. I think the people at work know that I take my job seriously, I just suspect they assume photography is my job and I do spreadsheeting and SAS programming on the side…

I’d prefer not to comment!

Between them, Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Junior have exactly one (1) Academy Award and no (0) Grammy Award nominations, and no wins. No offence, but Robert De Niro can’t walk to the local shops without winning a primetime Emmy for it.

The camouflage-green carpet for the Tropic Thunder premiere. Cute!

Jack Black doing what Jack Black does. Except more weirdly!!

Still owes me $5….

Ben Stiller.. nobody makes him bleed his own blood

Actually, it wasn’t the greatest song in the world. It was just a tribute.

“Magnum? Not only can’t I show it to you, I shouldn’t even be talking about it!”

That ringing sound you’re hearing isn’t merely David Duchovny in a panic, realising he’s been outdone in the improbable hairstyle game… but a whole bunch of engineers trying to figure out whether that construction is entirely stable.

Erm…. sorry..

Oh, look….. it’s That Guy.

That can’t be That Guy because That Guy was over there wearing Prada sunglasses and a fake diamond stud earring…

Exceedingly thin, slightly jaundiced and wearing a searingly yellow dress. My camera’s autofocus seized up a little trying to find the contrast there. My main thought: eat a cough drop, lady- you need the calorie!

Not sure who she is, but she was looking right at me, obviously so mesmerised that she forgot that it was unlikely I was a celebrity like her. Given I was, you know, standing in The Crush with the rest of the dregs of society.

Oh, it’s… uh… ummm… I’m sorry, you were saying…?

And finally…. I heard several people make disparaging comments about something being “definitely fake” but to be honest I simply can’t spot a non-genuine Fendi or Prada handbag at this distance….. (??)

That one was fun. Much better location, a more even balance of celebrities (male/female split), and without having to be contorted into a pretzel by the crowd.

The next scheduled London Premiere is for ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’ next Wednesday. Will I make that one? We’ll see…

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