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One Photo Per Day : 16th August - 5th September

Continuing on from Part VII here is another fairly big set of 20 days for Part VIII, encompassing a music festival, a movie premiere, a 10km run, a German capital, Will Ferrell and the absence of Keira Knightley.

August 16th, V Festival Chelmsford. Alanis Morissette was once thinner, and I once had more hair. Touche.

August 17th, V Festival Chelmsford. Saw Amy Winehouse, Sons of Albion, Gabriella Cilmi, the Young Knives… and Girls Aloud striking poses that will keep me warm on cold winter nights to come. But photo for the day for the best performance of the day goes to Lenny Kravitz.

August 18th, cool building sign, New Cavendish Street London. In other news… Great Britain are doing particularly well in the Olympic Medal Tally. Which, as somebody from Australia, concerns me somewhat.

August 19th. Actors/Comedians John C Reilley and Will Ferrell were at BBC1 this afternoon. The Paparazzi trailing the two were particularly aggresive with their pushing and jostling. “Chill, guys! it’s a sunny day and those two really aren’t THAT funny” I wanted to say.

August 20th. England is one of those places where if something is called “Elephant and Castle” you kind of think maybe that’s a metaphor. But then again…

August 21st. A sunset shot of London – it’s very rare that I’d still be in the city well after 9:00pm. In that sense I can’t wait ’til winter, when I can start taking these kind of photos at 3:00pm or whenever it is that the sun sets around this latitude.

August 22nd. My point of view. (Looking out of my window). The long weekend awaits, and it’s all happening outside, so… time to head outside.

August 23rd. Brandenburg Gate. Berlin is a very cool city, especially architecturally given it has both old and new, restored and rundown, communist and capitalist….. basically pick any two opposites!

August 24th. Wonderfully ornate streetlamp and what I’m told are the asbestos filled shells of former buildings on Karl Liebknecht-Strasse, in Berlin.

August 25th. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin. It might seem terrible to say this, but the extreme damage this church suffered in the war makes for an even more poignant and reverent experience.

August 26th. Berlin, day 4. I heartily recommend Berlin, as well as long weekends with an extra day added on.

August 27th. An exceedingly rare photo – an unedited one resized straight out of the camera!! Deliberately dreary after a 4 day long weekend in Berlin, I was back at work again…

August 28th. Rather wacky and unique street sign off Regent Street… the Help Desk kept their heads low and elected not to contact me.

August 29th. I’ve been wanting to take this shot for a while. So much so I’ve dispensed with standard composition like the rule of thirds.

August 30th. St Albans. Secret government installation? Major corporate headquarters? No… just a parking garage near a pub. Keep watching the skies, people….

August 31st. Wembley Stadium. We were there to run the Nike 10km run, but before that we got to see a free concert featuring Pendulum and Moby. And Moby? He crazy. And that’s not some funky term meaning ‘cool’. It’s more like… ca-raaazy.

September 1st. ‘RockNRolla’ premiere, Leicester Square, London. Featured: director Guy Ritchie and wife Madonna. Insofar as celebrity photographs are concerned, I’m calling this one a home run. Boom! More photos here

September 2nd. The morning after the movie premeire the night before…. it was raining and I was going to the dentist. You can’t win them all, and especially not against Dentists.

This would almost certainly have been a photo of Keira Knightley, but I was in Hook for the worlds longest, most pointless and worst-scheduled team meeting of all time. I hate it when work intrudes on things that are much more important….

September 4th. Frown harder, building facade! (I think I just failed the architectural equivalent of an inkblot test…)

September 5th. Rain. In London. Who knew?

Next up : possibly another one or two movie premieres. However, sadly, I don’t think I’ll be going traveling anywhere in the next 20 days. Never mind…

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