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RockNRolla Premiere, London

Note : if the photos in this journal are ever missing, and you really wanna relive a period when Madonna and Guy Ritchie were still married, chances are THE ALBUM IS STILL ON FACEBOOK HERE

After a (dare I say it) almost pleasant month long break in movie premieres in London, the season is back, with RockNRolla getting its premiere in Leicester Square last night.

In attendance was the usual batch of a couple of actors I’d heard of, a much larger batch of ones I hadn’t, and a lot of celebrities I didn’t recognise. I was lucky – I walked there after a slight early mark from work, and found a spot right behind two old (and more importantly short) ladies who were there to see Gerard Butler. I was there to see Jeremy Piven (oh, okay, and Thandie Newton), so we’d soon see whose expectations were misplaced.

And, as usual, apologies for the blurriness : facebook / redbubble link compression thingy does weird and unwanted things…

It’s a movie.

Yellow Cap Guy. The Man, The Myth, The Legend. I walked past leicester square at 8am in the morning and he was already there. I suspect he may also be The Unemployed.

Some kind of entertainment reporter. Running somewhat late.

People were saying ‘woo! the fat guy from Borat’. But no, this is (wireimages informs me) producer Joel Silver, who also did the Matrix Trilogy and Die Hard movies in a producing career that stretches back decades. (What does a producter DO, though??)

Guy Ritchie and his response to the fact that other than ‘Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels’, I’m not really that much a fan of his films.

Standard Premiere fare… By which I mean: possibly celebrities, possibly not.

Some young actor (who knows…) trying to sign a picture of a guy who ISN’T HIM at a premiere where the guy who it IS will be attending. Brazen. Very brazen.

Gerard Butler. Who owes me $5 but is trying hard to pretend like he doesn’t remember.

Actress Thandie Newton. She was in Mission Impossible 2 and Chronicles of Riddick. Both poor movies, yes. But she IS pretty. Is it really so hard to forgive?

Thandie Newton in front of a poster of Thandie Newton. It’s not something that happens to me a lot….

Some kind of actor. Once wiredimages updates, I’ll find out who.

I’m going with “Russian Oil Billionaires”. It’s the brown suit the kills me…. that and the snipers he could employ to hunt me down for making quips about his stubble and sunglasses.

I think it’s Toby Kebbel!! (I think that because I… uh…. “appropriated” a movie poster from a temporary security hoarding afterwards)

Tom Harris. Aka Gotham City Crime Boss Falconio in ‘Batman Begins’. He also owes me $5, but just for once I’m willing to waive it. As a favour.

Guy Ritchie signing autographs (I like to think his name is pronounced ‘Gi’ in France)

These three were struggling with a point-and-shoot camera on the red carpet moments earlier, but I wasn’t able to get their attention and offer them assistance without risking being beaten up by Gerard Butler.

Yellow Cap guy and… somebody who is quite potentially less famous than he is

A man and his hat. Or, possibly, vice versa.

I love movie premieres. This guy could be rap sensation Ma$$ive K… or just Ed from Accounts who won preview tickets in an office sweep and is living it up for just one glorious night.

Idris Elba. Thank you, stolen (I mean “borrowed”) movie poster!!

Woo! Madonna! I swear I didn’t swoon…. (wait… who “swoons” these days? I mean, other than the old ladies next to me whose granddaughter scored a hug and an autograph from Gerard Butler himself)

Aw yeah. In all seriousness, Madonna commanded more Red Carpet respect than any other star I’d previously attempted to photograph)

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