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One Photo Per Day : 26th July - 15th August

continues from Part VI

Well, it’s been another twenty days, during which I spent two in Bruges, one viewing the mighty Bugatti Veyron at the London Motor Show, one fighting the crowds at the X-Files premiere and several others scratching my head and wondering what to photograph today (leaves, a cup of coffee and a building that looks like a face were among those things).

So… here’s ‘One Photo Per Day : Part VII’:

July 26th. Brugge, Belgium. My 4th floor room at the Hotel De Markies was small and had no airconditioning and a window with a view of nothing. The always open fire escape door next to my room, however….

July 27th. The large clock tower in Brugge, Belgium, looks like it should have a glowing red eye hovering above it to look like the tower in Lord of the Rings. Oh, and Dr Evil was apparently born there. Other than that, though, it’s a nice place!

July 28th. Notting Hill. As graffiti goes, this very well done. In other news, my room is a mess and I still kind of can’t believe I brought a Pink Grapefruit beer back from Belgium, But damnit… I really wanted coconut beer!!

July 29th. Oxford Circus. It’s a photo, and it’s a day. As a result, it effortlessly meets all the requirements for ‘photo for the day’.

July 30th. Leicester Square, for the premiere of the X-Files movie “I Want to Believe”. Not the best portrait, and not even one where I played much of a part since it was mainly due to some guy with a far-too-powerful flash. Thanks, far-too-powerful-flash dude!

July 31st. London International Motor Show. There is no car fuller or more sick than this one (,bro) – the Nissan GT-R. The Bugatti Veyron was also there, but you could buy about a dozen of these for the price of that.

August 1st. This rather awesome modern artwork by an anonymous but talented artist is all the more spectacular for its impermanence. (It’s white paint wiped across the inside of a window)

August 2nd. Electricity Distribution, St Albans. Not the most mind-shattering of subjects, I agree. But other highlights of the day included buying a towel and some large plastic garbage bags which had even less photographic options.

August 3rd. Martin Creed’s “Work 850” at the Tate Britain involves runners sprinting at thirty second intervals. To be frank, I like art, but this just reeks of a couple of drunken friends in a pub trying to outdo each other as to what ‘Art’ can be. I say mugging an old lady can be Art. Beat that!

August 4th. This hangs on a wall next to the Caffe Nero at the exit of the St Pauls. Better than another beer or life insurance or west end musical advertisement!

August 5th. Fantastically anthropomorphic house facade, Oswald Road St Albans.

August 6th. Leaf on London Road, St Albans. It’s profound and has a narrow depth of field. No, it’s not Mugging An Old Lady – but it’s still art!

August 7th. Olympic viewing site, Trafalgar Square. The official opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics is at 8:08pm on 8/8/08. But this is before then, and the soccer matches have already begun. (This is why I love marketing : all symbolic, zero actual meaning.)

August 8th. Like many Churches, the Scandinavian Kitchen has realised the value of putting witty daily slogans on a blackboard outside. (I kind of regret missing the one where they’d written “Take some topless Scandinavians to the Park”)

August 9th. I went to the National Portrait Gallery and the Photographers Gallery in London. I felt inspired enough afterwards to try my hand at some candid street portraiture. In other news, I bailed on an IKEA checkout that was more like a refugee camp than a system of queues.

August 10th. A lazy day in St Albans. I did get some vacuuming done and I recharged my mobile phone, but I’d struggle to claim any achievements greater than either of those accomplishments.

August 11th, Great Portland Street. After work, I went hunting for food and stuff at Ikea. Like the cavemen of so long ago.

August 12th, Leicester Square after a brief but exciting rainstorm. In other news, data for campaign analysis remains elusive (because you care)

August 13th, near Picadilly Circus. Cheer up, Emo kid!

August 14th, at ‘Flat White’ near Berwick Street, London. I needed the coffee after a somewhat sleep-deprived night (I’m not revealing secrets, except I can confirm that I did get home while also learning that the Starbucks in St Pancras is a 24-hour one).

Sign on a church wall, Tottenham Court Road. I’m desperately wishing I had the guts to cross out ‘Clamped’ and put a sticker with ‘Forgiven’ written on it instead!

Or something like this!

Well… that was a fun ride, almost as good as
part VI
or part V

Catch ya in another 20-or-so days!

Continues in Part VIII

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