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X-Files : I want to Believe Premiere, London

Note : if the photos in this journal ever disappear, please feel free to see them in the ORIGINAL FACEBOOK ALBUM THEY WERE LINKED TO, HERE

This may be the last big one for a while – I’m not going to Hellboy2 tomorrow and my keynote website doesn’t list any big upcoming premieres. Sure, there’s another Harry Potter due and a new James Bond film before the end of the year, but for now, I’ll be fine.

Anyway this one was for the X-Files sequel “I want to Believe” – Xzibit and Billy Connolly didn’t grace the red carpet but creator Chris Carter and main actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson did.

And of course, it was another chance for me to photograph various celebrities and still have no idea who any of them were. Oh, and take photos of the pretty ladies…. very, very surreptitiously.

Cool placard: it’s just shame about the movie reviews this film has been getting.

Actor David Duchovny very evasive on the question he’s being asked (“we’ve got a letter from a fan, Bernd, claiming you owe him money. Do you have anything to say about that?”)

X-Files Creator Chris Carter. Notwithstanding any poor reviews this movie has garnered, the point is its budget was only $US29million, which is astoundingly low. So if a couple of people go see it and a few more buy the DVDs and McDonald’s Happy Meals, chances are there’ll be another one. (I doub that’s the question Carter has just been asked)

Insert your own Scully-pregnant-alien caption here!!

What’s funny is I was less than fifteen metres away from the man yet the tropical cyclone his hair was going through didn’t really get all that far into the crowd

Creator Chris Carter explaining that the likelihood future sequels will be based on the malevolent sentience of David Duchovny’s hair is not high, but it is rising.

No idea who she is, but she is wearing red lipstick. (And I shouldn’t be shooting into the sun with ISO800… except for ‘artistic reasons’. Like.. uh… this time, right here…)

Oh, look! A celebrity! Also, a shade of pink so intense it’s causing a highly localised weather system that’s playing havoc with Mr Duchovny’s hair!

Oh, look! A guy wearing a really weird looking vest! (I don’t know who she is. Actually, to be fair and balanced I don’t know who he is either…)

Oh, look! A poster of Gillian Anderson! (bottom right, people…)

Oh, look! … anonymous boring people! (update : they’re from the band McFly. I’d like to retract that statement, me : in 2012)

Oh, look! A guy with a weird comb-over! (I evidently get distracted by the weirdest things…)

Oh, look! An actual celebrity! Though Gillian Anderson may be pissed at all the press David Duchovny’s hair is getting.

The Dynamic Duo!

I quite like this shot – thanks, excessively-powerful-flash guy!! I’ve unimaginatively called this photo XFiles Premiere so you can see it and judge the underlying photographic quality yourself (curse you Facebook/Redbubble compression!)

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