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Dark Knight Premiere, London

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This wasn’t an easy premiere for somebody who wasn’t 7 feet tall, or unemployed and thus capable of getting in line some time around noon. Being neither, I nonetheless I got out of work slightly earlier than usual…. and had no luck finding a good place.

Yet I had unaccountable luck in key moments from my vantagepoint about four or five rows back in the crowd. Basically, the strategy was setting my K10D to rapid fire, continuous-tracking autofocus, and ISO800 and f6.7 to support faster shutter speeds. Then, hold aloft, high and blind, and pray.

I took over 900 shots, 90% of them blind and with a 50mm prime (an interesting choice of lens in retrospect. Good when it works, but probably should have gone with the 18-55 kit lens).

One thing I realised : if you’re a professional photographer, damn you’ve got it easy… a $10000 camera with $5000 lens at point blank range is laughable overkill. When you’ve got a regular camera (and those around me had mobile phones and point-and-shoots) and a bad position, THAT’S when you want a great camera. Thankfully, mine is pretty good.

Based on the better ones, though, the evening was not entirely wasted…

I hear it’s not a bad little film. We’ll see….

Aaron Eckhart. I found actually found him a bit smug and insufferable in ‘Thank you for Smoking’ so part of me looks forward to a good scene with (spoiler) involved. He seems nice enough in person, if I’m a judge of character among a crowd of thousands.

Double Academy Award Winner Sir Michael Caine, with the same expression I always get when I remind somebody famous that they still owe me money…

Two Academy Award wins – bah, I still didn’t like Get Carter, and I thought the original Italian Job was fairly wretched. But you go, Sir Caine!

Actor Christian Bale epitomises the complete Bruce Wayne shot- no chin, no mask > the precise opposite of Batman. I’d love to say this was deliberate, and so I shall.

“Perhaps I’ll make that out to… wait, are you asking me to sign over my lamborghini??”

Spot the Joker (he’s in there… it’s a bit easier in the larger version of the shot)

Spot the Maggie Gyllenhall… again, it would help if I was closer. Or if she were larger.

The Tumbler / Batmobile. I didn’t get to see it drive, and didn’t really get to hear it either. But it was there, and it didn’t get wheel-clamped, which in London is kind of rare.

The actor’s name is John Simm (who? yeah, pretty much) – but I do like the crowd squeezing for his autograph. To his credit, he returned a second time to sign a few more. Probably my favourite shot of the evening, purely because it was one of the few I had a chance to compose deliberately rather than point and shoot blindly.

Actor Peter Skarsgaard, who is either Maggie Gyllenhall’s husband or boyfriend, depending on your sources. My choice of high literature over gossip mags returns to haunt me, as it so often does. So to speak.

Director Chris Nolan is in there somewhere. So too, perhaps, is Pope Benedict XVI.

Next up, if I can stomach it, is the X-Files sequel next week.

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