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Captain America The Winter Soldier Event - Mackie! Stan! The Two Russos!!

I’m still not certain where Apple Store events stand in terms of The Archive of Movie Premieres – do they count? Do they count if there was also a premiere? Should this be analysed in any way? I don’t know. What I do know is that one day after the premiere of Captain America 2" two of the stars and the directors showed to present their film in more of an intimate environment, albeit a corporate one, for a bit. I was there, and here’s how it went down.

“Don’t get too excited, people. I know that my resemblance to Scarlett Johansson is confusing, but she’s not here tonight and I only doubled her in some scenes” our host for the evening has arrived, and all the seats are filled and I am photographing (you’re allowed as long as you disable your flash) from adjacent to the official videographers.

“Well, looks like none of them are coming. So let me tell you about how awesome I am”. So far I’m still onboard with finding out how awesome this gentleman is, but the people who have been here for many hours look like they might be sufficiently amped up by the movie trailer to cause some damage.

They’re here — and more importantly that guy won’t be beaten up by fans! From left to right it’s Anthony Mackie (‘The Falcon’), Sebastian Stan (‘The Winter Soldier’) and brothers Anthony and Joe Russo who directed the movie.

“You’ve got a Captain America tattoo WHERE???” Well, hopefully they don’t take the character in unexpected directions in future sequels. That could be embarrassing.

“You know how the visual effects make it look like I’m flying? This is what I look like on-set. It’s not even as sexy as I’m making it look like now”

“…. also, if you want to make porridge taste better, don’t just add a bit of butter, but also a sprinkling of cinnamon. Finally…. I’ve forgotten the question you asked. What was it again?”

“the question was about how much you liked working on the film, Anthony”

They opened the floor to questions from the audience. I wasn’t paying attention, but I think this might have had something to do with the degree and extent Determinism is related to the idea of self-determination of human actions. It threw the panel for a couple of minutes. It was quite uncomfortable for everyone.

Then everyone started talking at once about the best way to make an omelette – three eggs or four, milk for density or not, amount of cheese… and Anthony Mackie still wanted to talk about porridge. It was goodnatured chaos.

“You think you can take me on in Fruit Ninja? I note that there’s more than one iPad downstairs. Let’s go”

Meanwhile, I had a rare chance to go back to one of my premieres within a couple of days of the event and took a look for anything I might have missed first time around (I almost always go home after the event, and edit and post the journal before going to bed…. so the photos and commentary are actually based on what I think is appropriate sometime between midnight and 1am) (I can usually read them the next day and wonder what the hell I was thinking).

Anyway, with slightly more sleep I can add:

X-Men beast does the impossible and manages to get a pseudo-celeb to pose with him – our host for the evening Alex Zane seems pleased to roar for the camera. Either that, or they’re watching something particularly gruesome. (Have you seen the Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer, speaking of?)

The premiere goes hyper-meta as Samuel L Jackson takes a photo of Samuel L Jackson taking a photo of himself facing a camera that’s recording him taking a photo. I believe the universe exploded soon after, and we’re living in a copy of it that’s more or less perfect, except I’m no longer dating Charlize Theron… now SEAN PENN is??

“Okay, when I drop my arm, give the Paparazzi your fully-developed Blue Steel Glare. See what they make of it”

Scarlett : “Sure, babe. I’ll call you”
Alex Zane : “But you don’t have my number!”
Scarlett : “I think it’s ‘4’. If it’s not then it’s not meant to be”
(Is it even possible to have the phone number ‘4’?)

Jeny Agutter (next to Hayley Atwell) was one of the shadowy figures on vertical widescreen monitors in The Avengers. Interesting to see if she’s got a bigger role in Cap2. Like… maybe they switched the monitors to the more usual horizontal widescreen. Because really? Who broadcasts in vertical panorama?

Chris Evans will have none of your shenanigans. But he will graciously accept compliments on his small but memorable role in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

“I was certain I read the timetable correctly”. For non-method acting, this is pretty damn impressive if I do extrapolate and hypothesise myself…

Another shot of Scarlett Johansson, looking even more almost not quite in my direction. The famous ‘blurry, therefore art’ dictum of photography almost but not quite applies. It was quite the night for almost but not quite.

Chris Evans needs to hurry so he doesn’t lose his seat to see the movie. (it’s considered bad form in England to point at the guy on the movie poster, then at your own face, and then ask a cinema patron to shift seats).

Anyway, so that was another (sort of) one. As with Dallas Buyers Club I’ll integrate these into the larger journal to make it even bigger and more intimidatingly long.

Until next time!

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