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Dallas Buyers Club Premiere2 - McConaughey! Leto!

So yesterday there was a premiere for Dallas Buyers Club attended by Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey. But this time for the first time I had the opportunity to have a second attempt – both stars were at the Apple Store answering questions and hosting clips of the movie. If nothing else it was warm and indoors.

And they let you take photos as long as you disable the flash (no big problem : I never have mine turned on!)

Here’s how THIS one went down!

Matthew McConaughey looks like he might come back later and buy an iPod nano…. if they put one aside for him.

Don’t let the relatively sparse-seeming crowd fool you : it was packed – I was just lucky I fought my way closer to the front of the standing area and ended up behind two girls (one of whom had a hairstyle taller than I was).

“The guy who downloaded the latest 30 Seconds To Mars album onto every instore iPod and iPhone… that was me”

“I don’t have a band or an album out. But some of William Shatner’s spoken word stuff is pretty awesome. Just sayin’ " Host Edith Bowman at right doesn’t really know how to deal with that.

The Apple store employed a lady to translate the commentary in the interview. Sadly she was partly blocked off from view from where I was standing – I loved watching her take both sides of a conversation!

We shared a moment. Matthew McConaughey didn’t know what to do.

Jared Leto actually hasn’t seen the movie and didn’t want to watch (or listen to) brief scenes from the film that they showed us.

“I have a question from twitter. Two trains depart separate stations 200miles apart, one travelling north at 100km/h the other is a First Capital Connect service that’s running 45 minutes late then skips all stations stranding customers on platforms and proceeding at 80km/h….” This isn’t what Matthew McConaughey was expecting.

“Only 45 minutes late? Sounds unlikely”

“Matthew’s just acting. He actually only travels by Bentley and he has no idea how trains work”

“Jared? Time to go, buddy. They’re closing the store”

I don’t usually do formal portrait sittings, but this is about 90% of the way there. I’m just disappointed at the shadow tripod used for filming on the left side, but I think the ghostly hand adds some pathos to the overall effect….

So that’s another one. I’m going to combine it with the original Dallas Buyers Club premiere journal and put the combined one in the ongoing behemoth that is my 200-or-so-events long Archive of Movie Premieres

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