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THOR the Dark World premiere - Hemsworth! Hiddleston! Portman! Whedon!

London Film Festival is barely over, and mere days later a World Premiere hits Leicester Square. And the hordes of Tom Hiddleson fans whose appetites were presumed sated after the premiere of Only Lovers Left Alive just days ago, found pretext to return once again. This time to support their hero in a movie sequel still inexplicably named after his brother.

Here’s how it went down.

The Metro announced this morning that the five best Loki Lookalike costumes would win tickets to see the film. However, given these people were waiting in line since before 6am and couldn’t have known about that competition, it stands to reason that they dressed this way anyway. (I’m going to say that this is extremely cool because I’m very sure otherwise they’d hurt me)

Well, this was inevitable. (As was the outcome : the Lokis in the queue outnumbered Thors about 6 to 1, plus they don’t fight fair!)

For the past three days, the forecast for the premiere was heavy rain in a six hour band lasting from about 2pm to 8pm. This was then revised to consistent rain for the remainder of the day, which then met what I like to call ‘reality’, which is that it drizzled lightly twice in the afternoon, and heavily for about four minutes in the evening. Dear Meteorolgists, stop aligning yourselves with science, and get over there with soothsayers and the designers of fad celebrity diets. (That said? nice umbrella).

The God Of Thunder does not approve of you inviting X-Factor contestants to this event. (Seconded)

“You! Your helmet… it still looks fabulous” This was part of a ‘Phwoaaarr Thor’ competition, amounting to exploitative ogling at semi-naked males in Norse outfits competition, that I will not dignify by naming the corporate sponsor involved. Because quite honestly I wasn’t really paying attention.

The crowd for this film was skewed towards younger females, which I’m sure at least several accountants over at Marvel / Disney studios briefly puzzled over before revising box office estimations further upwards.

“If I can somehow drag it to the nearest tube station, can I keep it?”

A hat can dream, I suppose?

To give you a partial idea of the scale of this event, the giant hammer (shown earlier above) is on the right, and the giant wedge is one of two segments of Leicester Square open to the public, while the thinner bits on the side (one shown, one not) was for the first 500 people in the queue to get in (the earliest arrivals camped overnight. I did not). My position was on the middle/lower left.

My approximate distance from the stage and the number (and arm height) of the people who would be getting between my camera’s lens and the main stage. And bearing in mind that these people are recording the trailer with their mobile phones (instead of watching it in better resolution and sound on iTunes or youtube), you can imagine they’ll be photographing pretty much everything, all the time, no matter how bad their zooms or how low the light.

still, we’re set…

Kat Dennings is best known for also being in the prior Thor movie, appropriately enough called ‘Thor’. She was also in Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist, which I’m sure I’ve watched but just can’t remember any of.

Stellan Skarsgard plays Dr Erik Selvig in the film, and yes I know the second ‘a’ in ‘Skarsgard’ has a dot above it but it’s way past my bedtime and I don’t have time to look for it right now. I think I last photographed him at the premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

“A petition for Loki to get his own standalone movie and subsequent follow-on franchise based on fanciful fangirl fanfiction? Hell I’ve written several myself – where do I sign” Kat Dennings has hit that part of the crowd.

“Ladies, you may remember Tom Hiddleston from such premieres as Thor , War Horse , The Deep Blue Sea The Avengers and Only Lovers Left Alive . Or perhaps you’re stalking him, in which case he’d kindly ask you to stop on behalf of every other guy in Leicester Square who lacks his charisma and bow tie” I gotta stop wearing t-shirts and a beanie to premieres.

“Guys, one last chance to join my empire willingly, rather than be forced to at sword, horn, and spear-point later. I mean, yes even when I do take over, things will get pretty awful for anyone who is not me, but other than that things will be pretty good.”

“Best Birthday Present Ever”

Outstandingly, I’ve now photoraphed Natalie Portman, meaning I’ve now photographed 19 of this year’s Empire Magazine Top 20 sexiest movie stars 2013 (only the mighty Ryan Gosling eludes my grasp) (Yes, I do have other hobbies).

“So you are aware that although you’re apparently the hero of this movie, 90% of the screaming fans are here for your brother, who’s not even the main villain in the movie?”

“And the Red Sox Win!!!” Well, that was random..

“The queue for Maltesers and Popcorn is HOW long?? What if I tell them I’ve won an Academy Award, might that help?”
“No, ma’am”

“He’s my brother, but I’m slowly going to slide my hand down his back and see what the fanfic writers make of that” I fear the internet might be a dangerous place to tread for the next couple of hours.

Thor The Dark World is directed by Alan Taylor who has directed six episodes of the excellent Game Of Thrones, and nine episodes of The Sopranos which I’ve been told I should (have) watch(ed). And also six episodes of Sex and the City which I don’t really have time for in my busy schedule of hair maintenance and home taxidermy.

“No, I will not accept fan spec scripts for Thor The Dark World because I know exactly what kind of fan fiction you girls are writing. Also, you’ll notice the movie is finished, so you’re kind of late”

Kat Dennings returned to our area to sign more. I’m calling her look Hathaway-esque until I’m told by Anne Hathaway’s people to stop.

“Sure I’m still trying to take over the world, I’m just wearing a tux now rather than leather cloak and a horned helmet. I figured it was too much of a giveaway, and plus it was hell to wear on most forms of commuter transport”

Kevin Feige has the impressive sounding title of President of Marvel Studios Development. It’s no ‘God of Mischief’ or ‘Lord of the Sith’, but I guess it beats Senior Benchmark Analyst. Well… kind of.

At the distance I’m shooting, and with the amount of crowd streaming past, and the number of people grasping for Stellan Skarsgard’s autograph nearby, I’m fairly pleased this shot turned out okay.

“I’m not saying I disapprove of you two standing right next to each other, I’m just saying it’ll take the fanfic I’m planning to write in an entirely different direction”

Clearly wants to read that fanfic.

“I know OF Home and Away, what about it?” Chris Hemsworth got his start on the Aussie soap, across 184 episodes. I didn’t watch them….

….but I did watch the Australian series Dancing With The Stars back in 2006 which he made it to the Grand Final of and I worked for the company sponsoring the event and used to write weekly recaps of it. Good times. (Wait… did I just admit to that?) (Time for some moody melancholy lighting for my misspent ‘youth’)

“Prithee, woulds’t thou sign?” By sheer coincidence, I watched Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing just yesterday. It was good. Cleverly done, though I think its modernisation was fraught with the odd cultural problem that didn’t translate well across the centuries. Not that I think I’m going to get a chance to discuss this with anyone who might care.

“Very well. ‘I will not condone an action that will lead us to war’. But I’m not wearing the stupid hat”

Natalie Portman exits the stage and I’m prety happy that I prefocussed this shot as more or less every umbrella in the crowd was being being waved back and forth by people holding them in one hand, balancing their posters, photos and autograph book in the other hand, and somehow still taking photos on their mobile phones and ipads.

Every now and then, I don’t really feel like thinking overmuch about writing a comment. I’m pleased the Nikon got this shot right at short distance.

Idris Elba arrives, and is cooler than you, me, and… well, probably not Tom Hiddleston I guess. But pretty much everyone else.

“Our organisation is small, but we’re undergoing a period of rapid and aggressive expansion. So certainly I’d be interested in seeing your resume if you’re as ruthless as you claim”

Christopher Ecclestone, still under the misapprehension that he’s the bad guy in this film, signs some autographs. He’ll always be Raymond Calitri from Gone in Sixty Seconds to me… but mainly because I don’t watch Dr Who.

“Shhhh…. Thor and his guys are listening. Let’s pretend we’re here just to promote the movie and leave our little insurrection for another time”

Late and unexpected and rather awesome arrival : Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers (and its upcoming sequel). He dismissed claims that he was parachuted in to do emergency script surgery on Thor2 as an exaggeration. I assume that means it was a helicopter, not a parachute, that dropped him onto set.

“I don’t care what any of the rest of you have planned, I just want the guy I’m pointing at to watch this movie” Aww… do I have to? I’m still coming off my relative disappointment at Iron Man 3.

“I’m sorry I can’t talk about Shakespearean adaptations right now. I’m so busy I haven’t even found time to buy the watch that I’d be pointing at to tell you how late I’m running”

So… that rather massive event was a World Premiere. Sorry for the length, I usually go for less than 30 photos per premiere, but I allow myself more for Awards and World Premieres or really, REALLY big premieres like say The Avengers . Time for me to get some sleep and add one more to The Archive of Movie Premieres and try to get enough sleep to plausibly claim that I’m fit to work tomorrow. Those pricing models won’t code themselves.

Until next time!

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The Marvel premieres I’ve been to would be:
Thor – Hemsworth! Brannagh! Hiddleston! Alexander!
The Avengers – RDJ! Johansson! Hemsworth! Hiddleston! Renner! Ruffalo!
Iron Man 3 – RDJ! Black! Kingsley!

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