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Bernd Talasch doesn’t remember being hatched in a research laboratory in Omaha in the late 1950s so maybe that never happened....


So the background is I work in an Office that is also occasionally occupied by the fine people at And their love of all things undead occasionally overlaps with my desire to photograph such things. When that happens I get to head out, camera in tow, and do cool things like photograph Zombie Auditions at Pineapple Dance Studio… or most recently the Tunnels around Waterloo station in London under the heading “Zombie Blitz 1940”. What was most cool is that I was loosely encouraged to use a mixture of styles and approaches to give them as many options as possible when using the shots for promotion whether in print, online, or even placing them into online trailers.

I went on two separate occasions, firstly to shoot them doing rehearsals and trials and ‘preproduction’ / ‘previsualisation’ style stuff, and a second time two weeks later when they had a ‘media release’ which was a truncated 20-25minute version of segments of the final Experience, which will take closer to 1hour.

With thanks to and Zombie Blitz 1940, here’s my version of how it went down (I’ve removed comments from the main bit to try to maintain the vibe of dread…).

We’re in wartorn Britain in 1940, and here’s a word from our sponsor. It translates to : “Babe, I’m not saying you’re ugly, but you’re costing us the war”

“Zombies? Haven’t seen any. Got bitten by some guy earlier though. Tea?” Oh, good, then. Nothing suspicious going on here at all.

“is that an iPhone??? we could probably run our Enigma code breaking programme off that if you’re not too busy playing Fruit Ninja” Erm… yeah. Probably.

“War Advice : in the event of enemy bombardment, you may not be able to download podcasts or update your emo lifestyle blog. The war department appreciates your sacrifice” Neat props, actually. Very authentic!

“Yes, the bombs are starting to fall and yes, this is a bomb shelter. What’s your point?” If that stiff upper lip was any stiffer, it would require implants or extracts that won’t be invented for another forty or fifty years.

“The bombs are falling and we’re trapped down here. I say we shortcut the pleasantries and turn to cannibalisation now so it doesn’t get all uncomfortable later when we start eating each other. Just me? Okay… fine. Let’s wait a few days and see if I’m right or not”

“The next person who tells me to Keep Calm gets punched in the face!” Good news, we’re trapped down here with a member of the American military. But since we’re otherwise trapped, we’re going to have to look for a way out of here before, you know… cannibalism.

“Hello? We just want to see if we can borrow some brown sugar?” Dark tunnels. Dark, dark tunnels. Okay, I’ll be quiet and just for once see if I can let the images speak for themselves, risky as that may be…

And…… we’re Free!!


…. I might have left my laptop back in there….

On second thoughts, I’m pretty sure I backed up those photos…. you’re free to drool on it or chew on it or whatever..

And amazingly, mere hours later, I was at the premiere of Man Of Steel

So, all up…. a pretty good couple of days shootin’. Hope I get to do more of these. It goes without saying that if you’re in any way interested in doing one of these things (as a paying customer, that is!), I’d urge you to make your way to, and/or find your favourite web search engine and type in “Zombie Blitz 1940”.

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