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Pacific Rim premiere - Del Toro! Idris Elba! Charlie Hunnam!

Scant days after the disarmingly befuddling premiere for the movie Bula Quo! it was time for a considerably higher budget film ($US180million, apparently). The venue : London’s BFI Imax. The cameras : Pentax + Nikon (as usual). The challenge : finish in time to get to another event – one I’d been invited to – at the British Museum, immediately after.

Here’s how it went down:

This is one of the poster boards I’ve most regretted not grabbing one of on my way out of a premiere. (In my defence I had a pretty classy event I had to go to immediately after, and I was already breaking protocol by being in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers)

Quirky devil horns created by chance. Now if I could only get a copy of The List for this event, because other than the Director and Idris Elba I haven’t heard of a single person in this film

Sometimes people get a bit TOO close to my 70-200mm. Like… two or three meters. She was the DSLR camerawoman for a Spanish news channel (it was a European Premiere)

Much more interesting than photographing anybody in the movie whose premiere you’re attending, sir? Harsh, but then I’m yet to actually like any movie that Guillermo Del Toro has directed (though I’ll give him a pass for “Mimic” (1997).

Actress Sienna Guillory is not in this movie, and breezed past fans only to pose for the Paparazzi. Still, she was good in Resident Evil 2 (and that’s not a compliment many actresses would cheerfully accept AS a compliment, but it’s nonetheless sincere)

Director Edgar Wright didn’t stop to sign or even pose for the Photographers. But he’ll be more cheerful next week, when it’s HIS movie he’ll be seeking to promote (“The End Of The World”)

We have our first arrival : and excitingly, as soon as I saw him I was all “It’s that weaselly banker dude from The Dark Knight Rises!!”. And I was right. His name is Burn Gorman.

This is actress Rinko Kikuchi, who I’ve been reliably informed is wearing Chanel. I can only add that it’s black, lacy, and has an unusual collar configuration. And the lipstick colour is awesome given the ambient colour of the light at this venue.

The collar on the Chanel Dress of Rinko Kikuchi can stop high-calibre bullets, or so I’ve heard. Or may have made up.

Hand on Right : “This is the greatest lacy ballistics-calibre collar ever designed by mankind”
Hand on Left : “And the arms on those prescription glasses are quite classy, too”

“What banking crisis? Those trades were perfectly legal.” Burn Gormanhas also been in the horridly titled L4YER CAK3" and two episodes of Game of Thrones as “Karl”.

Actress Rinko Kikuchi was in the Japanese movie “Norwegian Wood”, written by Haruki Murakami, which I’ve actually read. Neat!

I have no idea who these three are. Some inevitably transient and easily disposable reality TV show Girl Band, I expect. (Heartfelt apologies if they’re the cinematographer, production designer, and lead compositor of this film…)

“I’m about to lift this barrier with my MIND. And if that doesn’t work, it’s only because the effects budget went on all the giant robots…” Idris Elba has been in several movies I’ve watched, including Prometheus, where he slept with Charlize Theron. That is all.

This is director Guillermo Del Toro, a man who will (hopefully) not judge me for saying that the best thing about Hellboy2 is that it made my apartment cleaner …. when I got up and started cleaning my apartment rather than keep watching

“Sir, you may be a lauded director, but you can’t just steal some fan’s camera.”
Actually, Guillermo Del Toro was really nice – even stopping to chat with fans while signing.

Guillermo Del Toro has finished signing in the section of the crowd across from us and is now heading over. The former Yellow Cap (now Capless) Guy behind him to the right is no longer as active at premieres as he once was, but it’s nice to know he’s still around. Guillermo Del Toro,meanwhile, has an Oscar Nomination to his name, and I’m pleased for him also.

I’m not familiar with the works of this man, but he’s Charlie Hunnam, and the screaming of the female members of the crowd suggest that maybe I should be. Apparently he’s a long time actor in Sons Of Anarchy. Whatever that’s about.

“Sign my book! My pens! My arm! You can use my pen to sign my other pen! Sign Anything!!” . And actor Idris Elba, being nice, will probably acquiesce to your request, too.

“Even allowing for scale and perspective, yours is perhaps the largest arm I have ever seen, sir”. Well, I’m certainly honoured that it’s blocking my view, in that case…

Meanwhile, per imdb, Robert Kazinsky is best known for 254 episodes of Eastenders and being in the George Lucas-produced “Red Tails”. Still… he’s looking at me and not the photographer. That’s something.

It seems Robert Kazinsky has just offered me a really good deal on a slightly used Vauxhall Astra.

It seems I might have accepted his initial price a little hastily.

Despite the heartthrob-styled mussed up hair and hybrid BradPitt/ ChrisHemsworth/ MatthewMcConnaughey looks, Charlie Hunnam realises he can’t really outcool Idris Elba, who is, after all, competing on home turf and also wearing a suit that’s both bluer AND more metallic.

“No, don’t look at the guy who’s giving away his DVD of “Pan’s Labyrinth because he disliked it that much… I’m talking about the reporter. Talk to him”. I’m happy to discuss the failings of Pan’s Labyrinth at any time with anyone….

“How long can I hold that note? Eighty six seconds. Here goes”

“No. Seriously. You gotta watch the Trailer again. We REALLY blew that monument up. It was actually cheaper from an insurance perspective than building a replica or doing a CG explosion. Actually… Guillermo told me not to tell you about that”

That was actually a rather cool premiere, so naturally it’ll go into my Archive of Movie Premieres , some of the larger and more recent and more impressive of which included:

Man of Steel – Cavill! Snyder! Nolan! Zimmer! Shannon! Adams!
Hummingbird – Jason Statham! Rosie H-W! Others
Much Ado About Nothing – Whedon! Hiddleston! Denisof!
The Hangover III – Cooper! Graham! Bartha! Jeong! Galifianakis
Star Trek Into Darkness – Abrams! Pine! Cumberbatch! Quinto! Sadana! Eve! Urban! Pegg!

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