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The Heat premiere - Sandra Bullock! Paul Feig! Natalie Dormer!

So it’s three premieres in three days (and it would have been a fourth had I felt up to it on Monday) (and technically my Zombie Gig on Wednesday pre Man of Steel was even bigger and longer than any premiere). So for the last of them, it was a trip to Curzon Mayfair for the “Gala Screening” of the movie “The Heat”. Here’s how it went down.

It’s a list, and… what, no Thomas F Wilson? I had my entire Back To The Future collection with me to get signed 8( Theoretically, I mean.

Guess they’re all going to miss out on having Thomas F Wilson signing their Back to the Future box sets, too.

Actresses Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo are cheerful and unimpressed, respectively. (Seriously? Pentax is a legitimate brand of camera, lady).

He’d been assured that he’d blend in as long as he wore a hat and pinstriped suit.

Director Paul Feig also directed Bridesmaids, along with episodes of TV Shows such as Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Office and Nurse Jackie. His hat is just getting started in the industry. I think maybe it has a producer credit in this film.

“You stole the director’s HAT? It’s an executive producer and second unit director of the film, idiot. You give it back to him!”

_"He’s not for sale, I need him to carry me around"

Katie Dippold is the writer of the movie (and its apparently-already-announced sequel). (Meanwhile, I’m thinking "I had a thermal skiing under-layer long-sleeved top with the same pattern… who’s in the wrong, here??)

The guy next to me draws biro sketches of celebs while waiting, and gives them away to his subjects. It’s an interesting approach. Paul Feig seemed quite taken by his.

Gang’s all here. But where’s Sandra Bullock? Running late. And where’s Jenny McCarthy? Filming elsewhere. And where’s Terry Gilliam, who often gatecrashes premieres of films he’s not in? Curiously absent. However, Marlon Wayans who is in the movie and was even at yesterday’s Man of Steel premiere elected not to show up. Which is surely odd.

“You watched Speed2? That’s you and me both!” Sandra Bullock has arrived, and is happy to sign anything you put in front of her that her tall silver-haired bodyguard approves of.

“You watched Speed2? That means YOU were the third person!!” I waited for it to come out on VHS rental, myself. But I do own the limited edition soundtrack, composed by Mark Mancina, featuring a full orchestral version of the 20th Century Fox fanfare (true story)

When presented with her biro sketch by my new friend, Sandra Bullock said “I’m sorry, but I can’t accept anything”. However, she did allow herself to look worried (or fascinated) in a photo with him.

“Could you please get out of the way, Miss Bullock? I’m trying to get a shot of the guy in the sweet yellow jacket behind you”

Natalie Dormer isn’t in this film, but the red carpet kind of parted as she sashayed down it. You can’t buy that kind of power, as the guy in Batman Begins once said.

Presenter Alex Zane usually hosts premieres, but was a guest that this one. His confusion at not having a microphone in his hand is probably understandable.

Always carry your own wind machine with you, I’ve heard say of Models. My own level and lack of hair means I don’t have to.

“Jason Patrick? Now there’s a name I’ve not heard since well before you were born..”

“Lady I don’t care what movie or TV show you’re in. You can walk anywhere you want”. Chivalry – or something akin to it – is alive and well in London.

So… that’s three in three days, and if I’m really lucky I might make it to the Jason Statham one on Monday. But that’s by no means certain at this stage.

Still, another one for The Archive of Movie Premieres

The last few of which were:
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