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Much Ado About Nothing premiere - Whedon! Hiddleston! Denisof!

Much Ado About Nothing is a Shakespearean play, adapted now into a film by Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers. And since Mr Whedon wasn’t actually at the premiere of The Avengers film a year ago there were a reasonable number of people who would have seen this as an opportunity.

And since there’s every chance I won’t be making the Man of Steel European Premiere tomorrow, I figured I might as well go as well.

There was a list and there was a crowd, but Red Carpet, barriers or any sense of ‘event’ was somewhat lacking.

This is a premiere?

Shakespeare? F8K yeah!

The man under the Notting Hill Gate bus indicator is actor Anthony Head. I don’t know who that is. But I can guess based on what people are getting him to sign.

Anthony Head drags himself into the event before the crowd drags him back to pose for more photos.

The man in the tan (not tan-green, but tan-beige) jacket in the far background is the director of the third-highest grossing film in history (inflation nonadjusted).

Joss Whedon is like “are you guys SURE you’re all fans of Shakespeare? Because the posters you’re holding suggest otherwise”

Tom Hiddleston is not actually in this movie, but his presence is generally welcomed by fans and autograph hunters alike.

“No I will not sign your belated Mothers Day card. Okay, maybe…”

Is this crowd getting larger, or just louder. I’ve seen the trailers for World War Z. This is more or less what it’s like. The full size shot is here if you want it

Desperate times. I’m photographing Joss Whedon through a window. Not something I’m excessively proud of. (Except for the other shot where he’s reflected in a bus behind me.. that kind of works)

“So I said… keep that nose directly where it is, blocking my chin” Gosh darn it, it is..


Tom Hiddleston is still being interviewed at an open doorway and at this stage has still not committed to an answer to the previously asked (or subsequently asked) question.

Alexis Denisof, who unlike Anthony Head and Tom Hiddleston is actually IN this movie… is in this movie.

“Sorry I can’t sign, but me and Joss are thinking of sneaking out the side exit in about ten minutes. But please don’t tell anyone”. Okay.

Joss Whedon, reflected in a window… with the reflection of a bus reflected IN that window, along with the reflection of a man standing in front of him without a light source. There is almost no way you could deliberately set up this shot… but I’ll take it. (Also falls under the category “Blurry, therefore Art”)

Still.. another one for the Archive of Movie Premieres which features such recent entries as:

Still.. another one for the Archive of Movie Premieres which features such recent entries as:Man of Steel – Cavill! Snyder! Nolan! Zimmer! Amy Adams!
The Hangover III – Cooper! Graham! Bartha! Jeong! Galifianakis
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Oblivion – Tom Cruise! Olga Kurylenko! Joseph Kosinski!

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