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One Photo Per Day : 3rd to 22nd December

When I last posted one of these, it was still a cold dark late November, chilly but filled with a pleasingly disproportionate amount of movie premieres . Well… I’d have to make hay while the sun failed to shine, because I’d be heading to Australia for Christmas soon enough…

3rd December. Wouldn’t ordinarily have gone with Tom Hiddleston for Photo for the Day, but didn’t quite get a good enough shot of Ang Lee at the Life of Pi premiere . Fittingly, or perhaps enigmatically, I call this photo The Inevitability of Tom Hiddleston

4th December. <kicks mound of dirt> Not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock.

5th December. It’s the Les Miserables premiere and it’s either this shot or the one where he’s breathing frost clouds. Still undecided, but I’m still calling this one It’s Hugh Jackman

6th December. Out of respect for the people at Rentadesk, I will not be using a Karaoke Christmas Party photo for Photo for the Day. But I have a folder full of photos….

7th December. I’ve got a Christmas Party to go to, and it doesn’t involve Karaoke. (Woo!), I call this photo Seven Dials Ten Milimeters

8th December. Found it on the ground near my apartment. I’m given to understand lost gloves should be placed on a wall so that their owner can more easily find them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pose the thing!

9th December. Anthony Hopkins at The premiere of Hitchcock . Scarlett Johansson sadly did not attend (though I arrived very late and might have regretted her attendance…). And after that, straight to another event, BIFA the British Independent Film Awards

10th December. This one tells you where you are, this one tells you where you’re going, this one tells you where you’ve been. Just have to set them.

Dec 11th. Narita airport, Japan. Just a brief stopover en route to…

Dec 12th. Sunrise, to the East, Australia. Time to start practicing ending all my sentences? with a question? so I can blend in with the locals?

Dec 13th. Picton, NSW. Mural left over from the filming of the next Hugh Jackman Wolverine film.

Dec 14th. Brushed off my semi-retirement from Candid Wedding Photography. Photos taken : ummm… lots!

Dec 15th. Sunset, near Berry.

Dec 16th. Kangaroo Valley. I guess the locals would get bored.

Dec 17th. iTunes nuked the play count on sixty seemingly random songs. Why? Because they’re ba5tards. I can’t think of a better explanation.

Dec 18th. If this were three days from now, I’d be worried about the world ending. But it’s not and I’m not. I’ve even paid my credit card bill. I’m THAT confident. But in honour of the Ancient Mayans, who despite their short lifespans seem to get a disproportionate amount of kudos for their mystic secrets, I’m calling this shot Apocalypse-ish

Dec 19th. Apparently only marginally less healthy than a sweet chili wrap with salad and tomato. Go figure.

Dec 20th. Martin Place, Sydney. (Still want to digitally insert godzilla into this photo)

Dec 21st. Picton, possibly not carbon neutral.

Dec 22nd. Christmas window display, David Jones city store.

Until next time (and happy very belated soon-to-be-Christmas, depending on when you’re reading this!)

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