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Olympus Has Fallen premiere - Butler! Eckhart! the girl from Game of Thrones!

After a month away from premieres, I was privileged to find myself in near-freezing temperatures on back to back days at BFI Imax on London’s South Bank, doing what I like best. Ie. Complaining about the weather while voluntarily standing outside in it. Oh, how I miss Japan…

Here’s how “Olympus has Fallen” went down:

I suppose it’s slightly ironic and/or fitting, given the name of this movie, that there are no Olympus cameras in the lineup of press photographers. I shoot Pentax, by the way.

I don’t know who these people are. The list of celebrity attendees ran for three pages on a 2×7 grid, but only two (2) people on it were actually from the movie. There’s an outside chance I was on one of those three pages.

“I think he’s in that thing about the guy with the thing. Great role – should really raise his profile”
“I thought she was a girl"
“Oh. Right.”

I’m sure it always gets deeply uncomfortable for everyone whenever they put the Press Association right next to the Associated Press.

First to arrive : Aaron Eckhart, who doesn’t mind signing The Dark Knight stuff, and would probably be keel over with shock if you gave him something from “Thank You For Smoking”.

“You honestly remember The Core (2003)? WOW!” That movie was pretty appalling, even if memorably so.

Momentarily can’t remember whether it was his left or right side that was scarred as Two-Face in The Dark Knight.

Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ and is not actually in this movie. But I’m kind of glad she’s here because I really don’t want to be photographing just Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler all evening (and ‘really don’t want to be photographic just Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler’ is the closest to an Artistic Philosophy I have right now).

Set an alarm thirty seven hours ago, shaved, and then set another alarm to remind himself not to shave again prior to this premiere. Now that’s dedication.

“Directed by Anton Fuqua? FUQUA? Seriously? That’s his name?” sadly the director of this movie (and ‘Training Day’, and also the rather underrated ‘The Shooter’ starring Mark Wahlberg) did not attend the premiere.

“Guys, I will not answer nor sign anything that starts with “THIS IS --” Arriving late but triumphant, it’s Gerard Butler…

… who just remembered that he owes me five dollars.

“That’s right. Five dollars”

“Thank you for photographing me with your penguin phone. I realise you have a choice of photographic instrument to use. May I ask… are you using any particular instagram filter with that?”

She’s approximately 2ft taller in real life than on TV. (But then again, my TV isn’t that big)

“You mean I’m not the only one who really liked ‘Pitch Perfect’? I mean, I wasn’t in it, but still it was awesome. Anna Kendrick rocked.” It’s out on DVD next week, people.

I don’t know who this is.

I don’t know who this is either, but amidst a procession of reality TV stars passing by, she was a bit more intrinsically memorable. (I am still working on my ability to compliment the ladiez. Somebody help me out, please)

“No, I can’t reveal what happens next on The Game of Thrones. But here’s a tip: there’s this book series you could read. It’s called The Game Of Thrones.”

“But what’s going to happen to the President? His house is on fire! Oh, wait. That’s the trailer for the movie I’m in.”

THIS! IS! “… don’t you dare finish that sentence”. Okay.

So, after some delay, that was another one. It joins “The Archive of Movie Premieres” as will “Oblivion”, which is tomorrow’s premiere.

Until next time!

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