Rise of Apollyon: Part 1

Woe to the brewing evil that stirs within thy human heart, my soul now purified by Gaia’s divine graces. Evermore shall my spirit linger in the flesh of good will, for the sway of Erebus holds over me no longer. Tartarian beasts spring from Hekate’s breast, strewing the lands with the seeds of turmoil and disgust. Achaean princes fell these behemoths with the swords of righteousness, but not until the arrival of Talos and the Colossi of Crete were the Tartarian wolves vanquished. Years of peace followed the great sundering war of Titanomachy, when Zeus imprisoned his father and the other titans, sparing only wise Prometheus. Woe to Prometheus, for Zeus betrayed the noble titan, imprisoning him in Hades’s realm lest the titan reveal the secret of Zeus’s demise. It was then that Poseidon’s servants, the Atlantians helped the Achaeans defeat the Trojan horde, leading to a glorious age of wonder. Kronos waited in his dark chamber, waiting till the perfect moment to redeem his son, Zeus, and trade places within the celestial plane. Arkantos, leader of Atlantis, fell under the sway of Kronos, and led his fleet to the Mycenaean capital of Athens. For years did the two massive armies clash, but in the end, it was Athena’s servants that won the fight and thus sunk Atlantis back beneath the Aegean, till Kronos’s time to rise again.

Apollyon, the destroyer titan, came to Kronos under the guise of one of Hades’s servants, and sought power to defeat Kronos’s wily son. Apollyon was granted the flaming sword of Tartarus and the darkened helm of Thanatos along with the titan’s hordes of automatons, satyrs, gigantes, arguses, and nereids. Then Apollyon went to Prometheus and gained Dryads and Prometheans to defeat Zeus’s armies. Soon, dark one Erebus came to Apollyon and gave him the Tartarian wolves that had plagued the Achaeans for eons. Apollyon and his armies sprung up from portals created by sorcerous Hekate, and ravaged the lands of the Mycenaeans. Athena and Hera begged Zeus to defeat them, but Zeus was full on Dionysus’s blissful wine and ignored Apollyon. Then Apollo and Artemis came to Zeus and begged, but Zeus was in slumber. Aphrodite and Hephaestus then went to Zeus, but he did not care for the troubles of mortals. Hades and Poseidon dared not interfere with this matter, for they claimed it was Zeus’s domain. Then the great warrior, Ares, took control and led the Spartan and Athenian armies against Apollyon’s hordes of titanic creatures. It was not enough, however, and soon the peoples of Achaea fell back under the power of Kronos, as was his plan. Apollyon agreed with the dispute and left with his armies to conquer and destroy some other lands. However, Zeus could not stand his father ruling the other gods in his stead and struck down Kronos with the help of the other gods. Soon it came to pass that Apollyon and his armies ravaged the lands of some other kingdom while Kronos fell back into his prison and Zeus came back into power. However, as was with Apollyon’s plan, he would soon come back to Achaea, only this time, would not be under the power of the titan king, Kronos.

Rise of Apollyon: Part 1


Newport News, United States

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So I was annoying Cameron Blandford and his girlfriend and this was born. Weird and awesome simultaneously.

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