DSLR Pinhole.

Being the poor, financially unstable college student that I am… I can’t afford nice lenses just yet. I did some reading and made the body cap a pinhole camera.

-For those of you that want to do this make the hole for the pinhole as small as you can because that will make the an image of what you would actually see in real life, rather than a blur of color or reflections. Or you can experiment with multiple holes or different shapes. I had multiple holes and one large oval one. The size of the hole works just like aperture/ f-stops… the smaller the hole (larger the number) the more is in focus; the larger the hole/smaller the number the less is in focus.

For this last image I used the same body cap but put black foam over all the holes and made a new hole in the foam about the width of a needle. (ISO 200- SS over 5 minutes)

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