Ice on the Ashes

This was also written for my piece, Ice on the Ashes—But I thought it would make a good journal entry too…lol

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. This picture does not tell everyone the same story that it tells me. This picture is truly about life and death.

Before I left for boot camp, I thought it would be fun to get everyone together to go tubing down the Mohican river and have a cookout later. After we paid for the tubing trip, we went back out to the car to put sunscreen on each other’s backs. Then we walked down to the river to pick up our tubes. We debated for a little while which tube we all wanted.

One by one, we each stepped into the cold water and made ourselves comfortable in the “floating donut”. After we got a little ways down the river, we threw a water frisbee back and forth to everyone as we kept floating. Occasionally, we would have to get out of the tube to get the frisbee if it went faster in the water than we did. When we got in the water we learned the current was a lot stronger than what it looked. We all managed to get ourselves comfortably back into the tubes.

Somehow, my friend lost his tube and I jumped out of mine to get his. The water started to pick up the pace and I tried to get myself onto his tube as mine floated away. He was still upstream with the majority of the group. The current pulled me and the tube towards blockage of down trees. In all the chaos, I was tipped and then my foot was caught and the water was pushing me.

My friend, April, was the first one downstream. I yelled not to come too close. Immediately it pulled her in too! When she hit the tree, it moved just enough for me to painfully get my foot out. However, she was still pinned. I was beside her, trying to push her to the edge. She screamed with pain. There was nothing I could do, the water was too strong. Everyone else in the group had finally started realize what was happening. I couldn’t go anywhere, but I was trying to think of anything I could do.

Somehow, the current pulled me away from her and around the log. Before I knew it I was at least 30-40 yards away from her. I was so afraid she was going to pulled under; I honestly thought she was going to drown. I gave it everything I had to get back upstream, I didn’t get very far because of the current. I figured I couldn’t get to her that way. So decided the best thing to do would be to swim to the edge cross the river somehow and get to her that way. I was so close to the edge, but it was a hard effort just to get there. I finally, got out, and somehow she was free from the log.

I went back in to help her out. I looked around to make sure we still had everyone else; we did. We stood on the edge of the water as we realized how thankful we were to have each other.

We don’t know how we got out; it just matters that we did. My uncle drowned in the Mohican River because he was also pinned underneath a branch just like April did. He was under water for five minutes before anyone could help him. Fortunately, he was revived.

After we calmed down from what happened we were still able to enjoy the rest of the trip. However, we both got a little nervous when we came too close to the logs in the river. Overall we all had a great time.

This picture was taken after the cookout and after I had safely put out the fire.

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