Failed Fantasy

It was my first day at my new school and I was pretty nervous. I didn’t know anyone at all and I was the only new kid having come half-way through the year. My mum and Dad had recently got back together after a 2 year estrangement. I was pretty apathetic about the whole thing as they both behaved more like children then adults. It was tiring being fought over. This recent reunion of theirs was more like a truce. Anyway so Mum and I had moved from Yorkshire all the way back to Brooklyn. I entered the big lion themed gates and uttered a curse as I headed towards what looked like the school of Bill Gates. It was massive and I could imagine the type of kid that would come here…
I walked out of the school having one of the oddest and most fantastic days of my life. More than half of the school were studies on scholarships. I originally wondered “where do they get the money from?” but soon realised that this stupid government pays more to schools that have good students and don’t need the money. I had assumed that everyone at school were going to be the biggest nerds with the most evil parents pushing them deeper and deeper down the geek lifestyle. And I was right, well mostly. See I was sitting in class and I heard the thud of with the bittersweet sound of violins behind me as the teacher walked out to go ass-kiss the principle. I turned around and saw a tall dark-skinned girl, the same age as me, listening to “Guild of Funerary Violinists”. I looked at her wide-eyed and she took off her earphones. “Can I help you?” she spoke sweetly and not sarcastic at all. “Do you listen to the Guild?” I asked. She laughed and replied “Yes,” I smiled “finally another fan of the guild!” said “What’s your favourite song?” There was definitely something between us, I felt it so strongly…
“I can’t believe I found a guy who listens to funerary violin!” She was holding my hand as this point. I just turned and smiled to her. “And I can’t believe I found a girl willing to hold my hand on the first day I’ve met her.” She shied away and mumbled. “Pardon?” I said. She looked me in the eye and said “I can feel something with you…” I pulled her close and kissed her.
We walked down into the subway where we sat waiting for train. As it turned out Rose’s parents were out of town so I offered for her to come round to my place and for dinner instead of having to cook. She agreed and I had phoned home and Mum said that would be wonderful (Mum was ecstatic that I was bringing home a girl as I never have before). I looked up and saw that the F train was still 15 mins away.
We sat in a half trance with her head on my shoulder and My arm around her shoulder. “Oi!” We both jumped at a man’s voice right in front of us. “Yes?” I managed. He was white male, a good foot and a half taller than me and built like a tank. He had three people behind all looking the same. I quickly adopted my please-don’t-hurt-me attitude and attempted to look terrified. Truth be told I was a bit scared but I had this sort of thing happen before. He cracked his knuckles as he spoke. “Why isn’t she cleaning the floor?” His friends started laughing. I was utterly bewildered than i turned and realised what he meant. Tears began to stream down Rose’s cheeks. Racist bastard I said to myself. I turned to face him and said “She is not a slave,” He put his face right near mine so I could feel the heat of his breath. “Are you really gonna defend that black bitch?!” I gasped and didn’t even think that I’d known this girl for only a day. Before I could answer he threw me into the wall and pulled out a knife. My heart was racing. But then I saw he wasn’t facing me. 5 black males had turned up and were also bearing knifes.
The fighting was occurring right in front of the exit. I looked to Rose and held her close. “I’m sorry…” She said. I looked at her and told her it wasn’t her fault. But she kept repeating herself. I looked and saw that all the white guys had been stabbed. As much as what he had done was wrong I thought this was a little excessive. The black guys all stood talking and then one of them called out. “Ey Rose! Get ’cho ass ova here!” Rose started to cry again as she walked over . I started to follow but saw their looks were not welcoming. I remained standing in front of the seat. They began to walk towards me as the train came in. Rose waved to me through tears and I looked around me and saw the contorted faces of those men who had been stabbed and the faces of those who had stabbed them. Racism was their on both sides for sure. I looked towards them and began to cry. They kept heading towards me with their knives at the ready. I looked to Rose and sniffled. I felt the blade enter my body and my body respond with an intense heat and pain. I looked to the sky and thought “All for the girl who did nothing.”

Failed Fantasy


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A love story with a tragic end. Contains racist themes, based in Brooklyn

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