familae laetae

Stefan wasn’t the typical kid, he had long black hair that came down to his lower back and always wore a trench-coat no matter the weather. Stefan was an ace student, a brilliant sportsman but a loner. It wasn’t that people didn’t want to be his friend, it was that he didn’t want to be their friend. He came from a broken home you could say and was adopted by a Minister and his also devout Christian wife, they didn’t approve of his way of thinking. Not many do.
Mr Jorgensen approached Stefan and leaned over his shoulder. “Nice drawing Stefan!” In truth Mr Jorgensen was feeling slightly sick from the drawing of people hanging from a tree with their entrails hanging on the branches like streamers. The tree in which they were hanging from had society written on it. “It’s an expression of how society rips out the person within the person.” Stefan spoke with a monotone, like he always did. “It’s not that good,” He added modestly. Mr Jorgensen merely nodded as he escaped the child. As his class exited the room Stefan suddenly remembered something. “Mr Jorgensen may I please retrieve my pencil case?” Stefan received permission and headed over to where the tools area was. He grabbed his pencil case and the file that was sitting next to it.
Stefan strolled home with his hangdog look that he always had. Out of nowhere his one and only friend Ross came up behind him. “Hi Stefan, I saw what happened with Mr Jorgensen, god he’s a prick ain’t he?” Stefan grunted in response. “So where you heading to?” Stefan looked up at his friends face. Ross had some freckles that Stefan hadn’t noticed before but what had happened to his hair? “Did you shave your head Ross?” Ross looked at Stefan like he was an idiot. “Right of course you did…” Stefan mumbled. They had reached Stefan’s house. “I’ll see you tomorrow Stefan.”
“Yeah bye Ross.” Ross was the single person who could make Stefan uncomfortable. And that again unnerved Stefan.

“Jane, John I’m back!” Stefan never called them Mum or Dad. Jane entered the room, “Stefan did you order this CD?” She held up a Disturbed CD. “Yes I did now if you would kindly give it to me,” Stefan reached out his hand towards the CD. Jane yanked out of his reach. “Now sweetie you kno-”
“Don’t call me sweetie.” Stefan interjected. “I’m sorry but sweetie th-” “I SAID DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Stefan let out a scream. Jane dropped the CD and walked off not wanting to push it further. Stefan smiled. He always knew how to get what he wanted. “Nice mate!” Ross walked through the front-door. “I just tried what you told me to do…” Stefan mumbled. “And it worked didn’t it? Ha I knew your folks would react the same as mine,” Stefan smiled and nodded.

Ross had left and Stefan was called to dinner. He sat down in his chair and proceeded to eat his steak and vegetables. “How was your day Stefan?” Asked John with clear distaste, “My day was fine John, how was your day of spreading the lies of the lord?” Stefan responded. John clenched his teeth and spoke, “The Lord forgives all those who see the light and embrace him, your soul is not lost yet,” Stefan smiled almost demonically. “Does he also forgive those who murder in his name or does he actually command armies to kill innocent and sensible people. What about witches? Shall we burn women who are more able than men? or was that jus t a stage of the Lord’s life maybe he had too many hormones racing that he just decided that women should die.” John rose from the table and grabbed the knife sharpener. He struck Stefan on the side of his face sending him flying off his chair. A clarity of mind filled Stefan as he regained his stance. He looked to his left and Ross nodded.
Stefan dodged John’s second swipe and with expert grace grabbed the file in his pocket and drove it through John’s muscular chest. Jane screamed and John fell to the floor. The file was pushed back out of his chest as the other side hit the floor. It bounced out and was thrown through Ross. Ross remained unharmed. Stefan grinned an insane grin and then fell to the ground crying hysterically. John lay in a pool of blood, Jane was sobbing by his side, Stefan was unable to move he was so shocked at his own actions and Ross sat on the chair and laughed as he had another mouthful of broccoli.

familae laetae


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Another writing. Was supossed to be slightly psychological….. i wrote two of these… the other one is “No way out”

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