No way out

“Walls… no way out… I am better…”These were the words of deceased Michael Granger as he jumped out of the dormitory window. I was sitting in the police station’s interview room. A man of about 40 entered the room and sat down. “Xavier Wattleglen, you were at the bottom of the building at the time of Michaels death, is that correct?” He stared me down. “Yes…” I was trembling slightly. “And you stated that he just jumped out of the window. Yes?” I took a drink of water…
After the interview I went back to the dorm. Eric and George were watching the TV. “So how’d it go Xav? Did they decide that you murdered Michael?” Eric said lazily glancing up from his couch. I smiled. “No Eric they did not.” “Oh…” Eric went back to the TV. George rolled his eyes. “Only you would ask something so stupid Eric!” George said. Eric retorted “Well he was in the room at the time he could’ve have easily have pushed him…. And plop goes lil Michael.” George threw a shoe at Eric. “Don’t be ridiculous! We all knew Michael was depressed!” Eric picked it up and threw it back. “And we all hated him!” They began throwing objects at each other while using the beds as cover. I shook my head and shouted. “ENOUGH! Michael is dead and you two are throwing pillows and deodorant at each other?! You’re 17 for Christs sake!” They looked to the ground and then smiled at each other. I laughed and lay on my bed. The phone rang, Eric jumped up for he always wanted to be first to get the phone. “Y’ello? Hey how are you? Good? Good. Oh yeah that sucks about Michael I know. Oh well though more shower time for me!” George leapt off his bed. “OI! Who said you get his shower time?!” Eric nudged him away. “Now? Sure see you soon!” We both looked at him expectantly. “C’mon we got class!” He grabbed his coat and ran out of the room, we soon followed suit.
We got home at about 6 o’clock and I couldn’t be bothered making dinner. “Eric make dinner!” He made sour face and looked away. I was dealing with it well but honestly I was a slight bit perturbed about Michael’s death. I prided myself on knowing almost everything. But somehow his reason still escaped me. I went into the shower and decided to take the medicine the doctor had prescribed. I got out and felt no effect at all. Oh well swing and a miss. We all sat down after eating dinner and watched NCIS. The show itself provided little excitement. But it was fun to predict everything that happened. Michael and I used to compete at this sport. Eric and George just laughed at the fact that I was right every time. The phone started to ring. I decided that I wanted to find out who Eric had been talking to before. I yanked to phone from Eric’s hand, much to his protest I began to talk. “Hello?” “Hello, is Eric there?” It was a male voice, he sounded like an authority type. “Sure, may I ask what it’s regarding? He is very busy.” Eric was trying to bite threw my hand as I spoke. “Of that I’m highly doubtful, please just hand him the phone,” I bit my lip. So he knew I was attempting to attain information. I surrendered the phone to Eric who starting crying about germs or something. He spent an hour on the phone and the same in the shower. When he finally got out he said to George, “Hey George we’ve been invited to go to a party it’s on now.” George looked at him strangely but decided it’d be more fun to find out. I looked at Eric inquisitively. Eric looked nervous and took George by the shirt and ran from the room. I ignored it and went back to NCIS. Any party Eric was going to wasn’t even worth a look.
It was 12 o’clock and I was eating some fruche yogurt. I don’t know how to do it I’ll admit but I do love it! There was a knock at the door. Probably the others, I walked to the door and opened it. “Hello Xavier.” There at the door was a man in his mid 50’s wearing a white lab coat. “Hello?” I asked feeling slightly bewildered as to how this stranger knew my name. “I am Dr Stanson, your doctor.” I never did meet the doctor so I let him in.
Dr Stanson sat down and brought out a letter. I think you should read this Xavier…"
’Dr Stanson.
I wish to inform you that Michael Granger died before he fell out the window. He died of an aneurism probably brought on by a mix of anti-psychosis medication. To our knowledge the only opportunity to access such drugs are from his fellow inmates. The closest drug that he could’ve had access to would be those prescribed to Xavier Wattleglen.’
I began to shake and starting moaning. “Did you lend Michael some of your medicine Xavier?” Dr Stanson put his hand on my shoulder. “Yes, I tried to make him happy, but he wouldn’t take them. So I gave them to him anyway… But that doesn’t explain where it says about the ’inmates’!!” Dr Stanson looked extremely nervous. “Well that’s the term they give those that have residence within a mental asylum…” My eyes grew wide and the anger swelled within me. I fell off my chair and shook uncontrollably. Dr Stanson was saying something but I didn’t care. HOW DARE HE? I am not mental I am a genius, a profit to society! I jumped up and saw the window. I started to howl as I threw myself to the window. “Trapped… not true… freedom… I WIN!!!”

Dr Stanson groaned and stood up. He spoke aloud to himself “Michael reacted the same…”

No way out


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Another writing. Was supossed to be slightly psychological….. i wrote two of these… the other one is “familae laetae”

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