true companion

you are my true friend,the only one around in times of need and the air ,you never leave me.Nature is devine and you have shown tremendous patience as a friend.truelly,you are a true companion.i shout at you in fustration and anger whenever am dissappionted and life seems unbearable.yet,you listen calmly and never get are the only one who listens without condeming me even when am calm down in a space of time when you are angry and become turbulant.truelly nature is divine.could i have made it without your friendship?you have thought me to be calm and patient,to listen to others without judging them and to be there for those who need me.a true companion like you is hard to find but it gladdens my heart to know i will find you in any part of the world because you the mighty ocean,you are everywhere and the sea as they say,never dries up.

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