So here I am in this fishbowl....

I am blocked today. Actually, the art is flowing in, but not out. The previous sentence is a perfect example of how I sometimes don’t see clearly. What I mean is that I wrote and did course work, but I didn’t do nearly as much painting as I had planned. So I overlook my accomplishments and throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

Dealing with what I call chronic grief has been, for many years, my biggest source of blockage as an artist. But today, I had what some might call a breakthrough in that I was able to write about it. This piece is called “How Are You?” and can be found as my first written work on RB. It began as a letter to my son on his 17th birthday. The everlasting question is as it has been for most of his life; what can I possibly do to make a positive impact on his life? What gift could I buy to try and equal the measure of love that I have for my sons? A shrug of the shoulders… For years, this has been the first part of the process, repeated countless times. But today, I wrote.

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