My heart & another feature ...

Hi there, my bubblefriends!

Last week, after long, long weeks, months and, yes, almost years of troubles I have been finally diagnosed with a light case of myocardial infarction. Of course, with “finally” I don’t mean that I wanted it to happen – but I expected it for a long time. It’s not THAT severe – but I think of it as a warning shot. The whole “prologue” can be read below that new picture of mine:


Now for something completely different:
My pictures receive features on a daily basis (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^), so I don’t know if it makes sense to publish a second part of my “Features so far”-journal… anyway, there are still features that need to be singled out. It’s ten days too late to mention it, somehow I totally missed out on it, anyway I still want to share it with you. For those who didn’t note it:

On Wednesday, May 2nd, (long, long time ago … lol) I have been/one of my works has been featured in the Solo Exhibition group:

And that’s all folks! :o)

Once more a big thank you to all, especially to all the group’s hosts, for your support, your loveley comments and the faves! You all make Redbubble one of my favourite places online!!


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