Bait Shark


Walking home in morning, black man, bald, scary eyes, no facial hair, thin gray

jacket loose sweat pants

he is holding a black as blood gun to me

demands I do this task, demands it or he kills me and kills my family

I agree, without hassle, as he comes up behind me and inserts a rod under my

skin, along my back

a heavy metal object now sits there.

he walks back and gives me a paper and a wad of quarters.

objective: I don’t know, who he is: i don’t know, what he put into me: don’t know


he steps back and tells me

a bomb

if I try and remove it I’ll be paralyzed

GPS tracking so they know if I destroy it or give up or stray from task

They can make it explode when I’m on a bus if I dont do what i need to do.

make me look like a murderer

a bomber


man holds gun to my head

go, he says

I go

I ride the bus to a theater

I see all my old classmates from before I moved

one has lost her eyes

she is bandaged

why is she at the theater

she cant see

why are they here

she was so pretty once

I go into the back after paying with the money I was given

meet someone

he gives me something tiny and packaged

I walk outside back to the bus

i cant tell if the girl is staring at me or not

she has no eyes

i stare at her the entire way out

Step onto the bus

and sob



people stare

I ignore them



next stop

the metal object scrapes against my back


we’re at a bar and they don’t check for ID

i guess i could pass as 21

someone already drunk

riding a bus with smeared eyeliner and mascara

I go up to the bar

check the notes

I’ve done everything right so far

liascano gardens is the street name I have just gotten off

here is the bar

where is the package

I wait

the bus is getting ready to leave again

an old white man with a frosty beard approaches me

hands me the longer but lighter package

pats me on the butt when I leave

I race to catch the bus

Scrape my knee and elbows

I make it

By now the passengers look at me with weariness

I take my usual seat

and sob


into my hands

out the window

we stop

final stop

its dark now

I have the two things I was given

I’m at the place I was approached

I wait

a dog without hair

it barks into the night

wanders to me and stares


it looks like it was once a nice dog

now it is bald and thin


it runs away as a sleek car pulls up

white car

it stands out against the night

the same black man comes out with the gun

as if I am afraid of guns any more

he snatches the two packages from my hands

walks up behind me and lays himself against the back of my hips

His chin can rest on my head

his height

His fingers slide across my sides and he takes a knife to my skin

I don’t feel the cut

but i still feel

the gps is gone

the bomb is gone

I sob

but quietly

little kid whimpers

with a runny nose

he can’t hear

He stands back

assesses me

says it’s a waste to let me go, comes back behind me

I stiffen

Runs his fingers from my shoulders down, I hold my breath.

He snaps back like he was shocked, laughs shortly once

it wasn’t actually a bomb

he says

steps back into his car

he is gone

i am alone again

i can’t cry anymore

I walk home

I’m ten feet from my house

I see another man

He is white and bald as well

no hair on his face

he wears a stained tank

he grins at me

he is holding a knife

I run into my house


forgot to lock the door

he chases

I’m in the bathroom

I try and lock the door

he meets me

I shove

he shoves harder

bait shark.

Bait Shark


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Artist's Description

this is a nightmare I had

I want to record it so I wont forget it

the abyss in which I spent my night in

this insufferable event

is the most traumatizing thing to have occurred to me

and it wasn’t even real.

I don’t know where I got Bait Shark

it flashed before my eyes at the end of the dream

the white man with the knife was a stick figure

with crazed eyes and a toothy grin

his weapon was a simple triangle in his stringy arms

it looked like a five year old’s drawing

but it was terrifying

Everything before it was real

The man who first greeted me was real

The theater with my old classmates was real

there was one girl who was not really a girl

she was a heart

Someone had detached a heart

and had rested it on a theater chair

it was bandaged

for obvious reasons I didn’t write this as it was

hearts don’t show up unattached at theaters

for a less obvious reason I knew who the heart belonged to

the heart of a girl I know now, who goes to my High school

She’s in my second period English

I have no idea why she was there in my dream

or rather, her heart.

The dog I saw was real.

it was a blinding flash, an image.

its skin was a dull black, its eyes were red, and it slobbered uncontrollably

from its agape mouth as it ran towards me

away from the headlights of the first man’s car.

I didn’t go into detail of what he really did

to me

in the end

it seemed too personal to write

even in this shocked style.

when i’m being chased i really do make it to the bathroom

i never see the real man

i only saw the stick figure

but i feel him pressing into the door

i’m losing the battle

as the door swings open I wake up

clinging heavily to the sideboard of my bed

with wide eyes

and a heavy heart.

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