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I love the words that fall between the cracks. / I write with black coffee, and bare feet. / Both seem to help.

the antidote to venom

There are those friends who will call you every few months and never quite remember your cat’s name. There are those who will dance the nutbush with you and put you safely in a taxi home. And then there are those who will call you out to a cocktail bar to drown your sorrows at being burgled, and pass across the table a little packet that changes everything and makes your dark eyes fill with tears.

I was burgled a few days ago. If you can stand a woman so furious she was almost speaking in tongues, go here and read my VENOM post. In that wicked little way the universe has of kicking you when you’re down, I’ve also had health issues that threaten me with hospital, plus my beloved paramour flew off home to Switzerland thanks to a cancelled visa.

Not the best week.

Within hours of posting VENOM I had dozens of comments, mails, texts and calls, all telling similar terrible stories and offering strong hugs and even curses upon the thieves that would curdle a strong man’s stomach (my lord, bubblers are a foul mouthed lot! Bless you all, hehe).

Last night I was lured to a cosy cocktail bar where many of my favourite bubblers hugged me, bought me drinks, and made me realise how special this llittle community is. Then everyone’s favourite pirate, Luckyvegetable, passed across the table a beautiful hand-drawn card and a dim sim packet, from which I withdrew a gorgeous black necklace to replace my stolen jewellery. I was so touched by that I didn’t realise there was more, until from the beautiful Chinese envelope, watched by seven pairs of loving eyes, I withdrew hundreds……and hundreds…..and hundreds of dollars.

I wept; and for the first time in recent history, without a skerrick of embarrassment. I cannot possibly express how extraordinarily blessed I feel right now, how amazingly loved and supported, and how utterly fortunate I am to know such generous, warm, joyous souls. They even told me “we deliberately didn’t write down who gave what, so you can’t give it back to us”.

I’d been working my arse off to get to Iceland at the end of the year, my reward for this difficult patch I’ve been enduring, and was so distressed that now I couldn’t go (even my passports were stolen). And these amazing bubblers put wine into my hand, and joy into my heart, and told me gently to pack my fountain pen and furry winter coat, and write them tales of dancing under the aurora borealis in Reykjavik.

And now, thanks to my glorious friends, I can.

They even sprayed the dim sim bag with Chanel, my favourite…..sigh……now that’s true friendship.

Now go and check these beautiful souls out and give them lots of love…..Please excuse me if I’ve missed anyone, I’m reading names from the card. If you were part of this and I’ve missed you, please please let me know!!!
Mark German,
Michael Alesich,
Jessica Tremp,
Yasemin Sumner,
John Robb,
Chris White,
Erin Lyall,
Paul Louis Villani,
Kristy Lee,
Adrian Carmody,
Steph Tout,
Nicole Ryan

Special mentions also to Michael, who offered me a camera, and Neil Boucher, who has never met me yet was extraordinarily generous enough to mail me and offer me his spare computer. Please Lucky, could you let me know if I missed anyone?! I was a touch overwhelmed last night and couldn’t take it all in….

Who said Red Bubble couldn’t change your world, hey?!

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