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I love the words that fall between the cracks. / I write with black coffee, and bare feet. / Both seem to help.

ink & blood: what do your tags say about you?

I love reading people’s tags.

When I go to photography exhibitions, I’m often drawn to the artists’ statements more than the images. On RB, I always take in the tags just as much as I drink in the images. I’m sure the photographers reading this are shaking their heads, but I’m equally sure the writers are grinning :)

On a wintry night with the wind slamming against my window, I’m finishing off some writing for submission, and considering the themes that are woven through many of my words. I’ve been scrolling through the tags to my writing and wondering what they reveal about me; my themes, my obsessions, my traits. I’m sure anyone who knows me can make some predictions about the tags that reoccur: wench, whiskey, faith, ripe, madness, stilettos and ink all get honourable mentions.

I can see that one recurrent theme for me is scents, for I often focus on this all too underrated sense: vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, pears. And my representative animal is undoubtedly the serpent, for words of snakes, hissing and Medusa pour out of me in infrequent bursts. I know what they symbolise to me, a shining mix of seduction, psychosis and rebirth, and this is why I have thirteen of them tattooed on my body. I am a little surprised, however, to see how often they poke their heads out of my pen, and shed their skins on my keyboard.

But the tags that came up most, in order, are desire, regeneration, blood, honey, and gold.

I do wonder what that says about me.

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