Melbourne, Australia

I love the words that fall between the cracks. / I write with black coffee, and bare feet. / Both seem to help.

cavort & clamber

So the magical LittleHelen hit town on the weekend, keeper of The Blue Room and possessor of the best music taste and hottest high heels in town. This woman is just fabulous and I wanted everyone to know it, so when she asked me to invite a few bubblers over, the bmails started flying.

We settled in the back room of my favourite bar, where the open fireplaces are framed by 70s soft-porn wallpaper and the honey martinis warm your mouth like liquid fire. There were many introductions (though I missed the chance to link Helen with Troy when they both arrived, damn), there were incredible platters of chevre, muscatel grapes and spiced almond bread, and there was lascivious laughter that blossomed into cackles. There were head massages (praise be to Yasemin and her amazing hands!!), there was clambering over furniture to take shots (you know who you are) and occasionally under it (don’t worry sweetheart, the photos are safe with me), and as the night kicked on – there was dancing. Lots of dancing. With chairs. To Prince.

There was also no shame.

And yes, there were photos. Want to see them?

(note: I am obviously NOT a photographer, I have no clue at all, so just sit back and absorb the joy and friendship of the night. Apologies to all who missed out, but there wasn’t much time to organise it).

So Helen…..when are you moving to Melbourne?!

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