Hopped up on Happy

Recently while driving from point A to point B, my son, who happened to be in the car with me, began pondering the complexity of happiness.…

Happiness used to seem like a given. I would wake up, the sun would shine, I would of course, hate going to school, but would love to see my friends and even found joy in my class binder (usually puppy themed) or a new pencil my mom had bought me. Life was simple and for the most part, life was good.

However, now seem to be bombarded with ads for reasons why we might not be happy. Are we really unhappy because we actually are… or because we’ve been told to be? (I do love a good ‘mind control conspiracy theory’, throw in a zombie with a moustache and I’m completely elated) ;)

Is there a secret formula to happiness? I can imagine, for me, it’s a gentle

Warrior Dash

“Oh my god, I’m going to pee my pants.”…

The guy behind me in the Wonder Woman costume was sitting on the curb examining the bottom of his shoe. “It caught on fire yesterday” he says.

I look at Kim and mouth “what the…??”

The race was getting ready to start… and I really had to pee. How long was this thing anyway? 3.7 miles with 10 obstacles.

The girl in front of me was losing her lightening tattoos. Her friend adjusted her Viking helmet.

I stood listening to the chatter around me. The sun was shining and I could feel it on my shoulders. It was a beautiful day at 11,000 feet above sea level and I was certainly going to pee my pants.

I didn’t end up peeing my pants after all. Although, I laughed hard enough to. My friend Kim and I had decided to run in the Warrior Dash. After my tr

Burying the Bunny

We’d noticed a very ‘sleepy’ bunny laying in our yard a few days ago. Naturally, when we walked up and saw the glazed over eye; we knew it wasn’t sleeping (well, not in terms of beauty sleep, at least). I, stupidly, mentioned that we should do a funeral for the bunny. I remembered when I was five, that a bird had flown into our window and died. I was heartbroken and placed it in a shoebox for burial (but, I think I got distracted by a lightening bug). I’m not sure, but, I think that was also the day I got poison ivy.…

In any case, it had been about 3 days (yeah, don’t wait 3 days to bury ANYTHING) and the neighborhood kids were getting antsy about getting this bunny buried. So, I got the biggest box I could find (which belonged to my Manolo Blahnik’s!!). We proceeded to decorate it

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