Death Does Not Elude Me

I’ve become completely numb to death. It’s been such an imperious part of life that I’m not sure how to react to it anymore. When I experienced it the first time with someone my own age, I cried for days. And now, I’m relatively sure that by doing so, I exceeded the tear allotment for my lifetime. I find it impossible to really mourn anymore. The shock and heartache come quietly to afflict, but are unable to find a way out.Suicide always comes with the stigma of weakness. This is usually by the people who don’t have to endure with the emotional anguish leading up to the final decision. Speculation is worthless, and should not be depended on so fully to explain such intricate despondency.There is nothing more shockingly horrible than when someone is unable to live past 20, or 18, or 16. It breaks my heart that with each loss, the reaction is less intimidating. Death is becoming far too routine, and its burden is weakening the ones left behind.

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