Eight Days Of Featured Work-Just Awesome!

Firstly and most important I would like to Thank all the hosts of the Groups, I am a Member of for all your Support and Hard work that you do with in the Group and for all your amazing support, encouragement and firendship, you not only show me, but alll the other members of the Groups. It is truely amazing!…

I am very apprecaitive of the support of RB and Hosts. Without further ado here are my Eight days of Features.

Victoria’s Window- Featured in the “Compact Group”


Essence of Silence- Featured in the “Freedom to Shine Group”


The First Cheery Blossums -Featured in the “Blooms All Seasons Group”


Winter on the Great Salt Lake,Antelope Island,Utah-Featured in the “Pictures with the WOW Factor Group”


Into the Distan

Let Me Tell you About a Wonderful Treasures I Found....

I am a ring in if you do not know by now. I was born in the hustle and bustle of the middle of the city of Sydney, Australia. My name is Ann-maree, but commonly go by here as ’Bellavista2", which is Italian for “Beautiful View” in Italian. I now live amongst the many Rockstars of Utah,USA, Bryce and Zion, to name but a few. Also, shares in my own island, (I wish!), Antelope Island, in Utah, is the icing on the cake in this gorgoues place. These are the treasures of Utah.…

I am also fortunate to Host many wonderful Groups here at the “Bubble”. Like the “Beach,River and Lake Treasures Group”. At the present it is Jean and I, that Host the Group. It is an amazing community to be.You can add all sorts of treasures from ship-wrecks, drift-wood, shells, starfish, rocks, sea-sponges, sea-weed or

Weekly Featured Members also New to the "BRLTG"- March 28th-2011

“Welcome to our all our Wonderful Beach,River and Lake Treasures Members” All 1,952 of you!!! We only need another 48 Members to reach the 2000 mark!! This Monday I would like to introduce to Everyone, Eight of our very new members of the “Beach River and Lake Treasures Group”. These members joined in March 2011, these Members are the last of our March 2011 Members to join. I we happened not to mention you as one of our “Weekly Featured Members” Please we love for yout to go over and introduce yourselve in the “New Members Forum”. You can tell us about yourselve, post a link to your Gallery and some of your art work. A great way to get yoursele out there.

“New Members Forum”

Esther,Jean and I, Ann-maree, (Bellavista2) would like to give a warm welcome to our latest members

New Your Favourite Shells or Shell Challenge at the "Striking Shells Group"

Every Year I look forward to the warmer months of June and July in the Northern Hemisphere. My favourite time is when my family and I go to the beachs of California. I love meranding along the beach with my toes in the chrisp, warm, yellow sand hunting for Treasures. Gorgoues shells, some broken discarded, unloved by the ocean, by very loved by me, officail treasure hunter. I love searching amongst the Tidepools for Sea baskets and Crabs of all kinds.…

“Do you have the same passion for Shells as I do?” We have a Challenge running at this very moment at the “Striking Shells Group”
called “Your Favourite Shells or Shell Challenge”.

What we would love to see is your Favourite Shells that you have discovered along our Shorelines. It can be

Featured Works for a Week and a Bit

I would like to extend a an apprecaitive Thankyou to all the wonderful groups that have Featured my work here and have placed many hours in sorting through so many talented RB works of art. I am deeply honoured to have my photographic art selected amongst the so many talented works on RB.…

Here is a selection of my work that has been Featured over a week and a little bit.

Finally but certainly not least Thankyou too all the wonderful people and friends who have supported me through my Photographic journey without your encouragement,words of wisdom and sense of humour, most of my work I am certain would not of been possible, you all have inspired me to keep on going:=}

“Susannah’s Place-GeneralStore-1844” “Remember When Group”- 27th September

“Day’s End” “The Scavenger Hunt Group”-27th Sep

Features of the past week, from Bellavista2 Italian for Beautiful View:=}

Firstly I would like to say a big Thankyou to all the wonderful Hosts of the groups that I participate in for all their time and effort in going through an amazing amount of art and organising all those wonderful challenges. Considering all this I am greatly apprecaitive amongst all that talent on RB to be chosen for these Features.…

Lastly but definitely not least Thankyou to all my wonderful friends I have made here on RB, for your wonderful support and constructive critism, you all have helped me to grow and learn. And I look forward to the Future in producing more beautiful art, of the gorgoues landscapes and nature scenes of North America.

Perfect Harmony- Featured in ’All that is Nature" 24 hrs ago and “The Women Photographer” 4days ago

Slumber-Featured in Moody,Dark,Evocative" 2days

Featured Members Award and Features

Howdy Guys!…

What a suprise I logged onto RB this morning to find that I had received an a Featured Members Award! Just totally blown away and greatly apprecaited.
I just want to Thank all the wonderful Hosts of the Groups that have Featured my work, I amvery honoured and it is very greatly apprecaited:=}

Lastly but Definitely not least..Thankyou for all my Wonderful friends here on RB and for all their amazing support and encouragement, it is truely apprecaited. And to all my new friends to come on RB looking forward to getting to know you. I must say there is so much talent here on RB, and so much opportunity to grow and be nutured in your art its a wonderful place to be.

Featured Member Focus and Lighting

Featured 1 Day ago Your Accepted

Featured 6 Days ago Going Coastal

Featured 8 Days

The Amazing World of the Very Small and Forgotten

In our endless craziness of life, bustling about trying to pay bills, working long hours, shuffling family commitments around and trying to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. A minute world continues on long forgotten amongst humans and very rarely thought about until these small little critters encroach on our comfort space. Then low and belhold we attack with full force, lets bring out the poison, kill, destroy, with no thought of environmental consquences. Then the balance of nature is shifted and ulitmately in the end the minute world wins.…

What I am talking about is the amazing world of insects, who eat the nasty bugs, who colour our world in displays of beautiful colourful wings, who pollenate our flowers and give us honey, with only asking a small favour in return……please p

An Open Invitation

Howdy All you Redbubblers!

I would like to extend an open invitation to everyone to come and visit my little corner of the World.Bellavista2….. I promise I don’t bite and I have a wide variety of images, from beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, flowers and Nature scenes.

I am still growing and I apprecaite all positve feedback, getting a little lonely over in my corner, so please drop on by.


The Legend People

My photo ’Stony Faced" is now renamed “The Legend People” out of respect for the Paute Indians that lived in the Bryce Canyon region. Upon research I came across a touching comment made about the rock structures of Bryce Canyon and I would like to be able to share this with you…..

“Before they were any Indians, the Legend People. In-when-an-ung-wa, lived in that place. There were many of them. They were of many kinds-birds, animals, lizards, and such things- but they looked like people…..For some reason, the Legend People in that place where bad. Because they were bad. Coyote turned them all into rocks. You can see them in that place now, all turned into rocks, some standing in rows, some sitting down, some holding onto others. You can see their faces, with paint on them just as they were …

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait