The Business of Landscape and Nature Photography

I am very fortunate in the place and actually country where I relocated to. I am originally from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Also being awe inspiringly scenic and diverse. I now find myselve, some what a bit like a fish out of water in the United States of America, Utah, one of the lower 48 states and my best friends are Mormon, and I am not Morman just to add a twist too things.

Five near grown kids, one husband and camera in hand, and my never ending enthusuim for nature and beautiful landscapes, I join my new adventuress family on many road trips and Summer Vacation jaunts. Sometimes we are a bit like the Griswals, but that is another story in itselve.

My images come from many of these travels form the Pacific North west, California, Utah and New South Wales, Australia, to name a few. From the awe inspiring, tower Redwoods of Big Sur, to the Granduer of the Grand Canyon, to the serenity of Bear River, Utah and the heritage of Wentworth Falls, Australia, to name but a few. All are my favourites, all are unique.

This is a bit like truth or dare, so here is the truth. I do not pack with me expensive camera equipment, I do own a SLR or the latest len’s. I still hold out hope for those things, but all in good time. I have a pocket sized Canon IXUS 6.5 mp. Which I purchased in Sydney Australia for $700. I take my photos however, with a lot of soul, expression, and experimentation. I try different settings and exposures. Sometimes taking dozens of photos of the one image in all different angles and light. Sometimes I crawl through bushs like I did with my ’Testimony of Time" getting very close to the edge of the Grand Canyon, just so I can have that right shoot, other times I wade through the ocean, like I did with ’Sunkissed" in California and other times I place myselve in perlious danger, like sticking my head down a Prikly Pear blossum, to take a photo of a bee and his friend. I miss Steve Erwin and I am not that brave. My worse photographic adventure was at Wentworth Falls, Australia, wading through a nature trail through the rainforest in teaming rain, amongst the leeches and mud. I though I would lose my camera that day. My best definitely was the Grand Canyon, she has never failed to impress me, with her granduer, and amazing colourful and diverse scenery.

My dare is too go on more adventures. To able to inspire people through my photographic images, to travel this amazing world and even if you have a disposable camera, whatever equipment you have get out out there and photograph. It is the only way I believe we can truely stop time and take a bit of what we adventured away with us, without harming the environment.

Finally, but not least thankyou to everyone for your amazing support and encouragement, it means the world to me. Bellavista means ’Beuatiful View" in Italian and this world certainly is.

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