carrying on a tradition

I am doing some embroidery today, using some threads that were my Grandmother’s.She died some years ago and yet when I see, feel, touch these threads I have a connection with her.She was gifted and could embroider,knit,cook,sew,and make bobbin lace.She ended up losing her sight, so horrible an infliction for one such as her.She then lost her eyes completely to glaucoma.Still she carried on, for quite a few years she would knit a pattern from memory and she was still a fantastic cook,then grandpa needed more care and so they decided to go to a Care Facility together.Grandma could no longer manage intricate baby blanket patterns and such but she had quite a little industry going with making beanies in assorted colours for staff,visitors and other residents.She used to say the day she stopped knitted was the day she would die.Very passionate about her craft and keeping busy.
I am lucky I inherited some of her skill and feel close to her when planning another project.I always have something to do.

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