It's the passion that matters

passion |ˈpaSHən|
strong and barely controllable emotion

Someone once said to me (and I’m paraphrasing here) “I don’t care what you are passionate about, only that you are passionate about it. It’s the passion that matters.”

For some reason this has really stuck with me, and over the years it has encouraged me to share the things I am passionate about, even if those things may seem a little (stupid, odd, mental, geeky, childish, downright strange, borderline certifiable) well… you can pick whichever term suits the particular passion ;)

My passions are many and varied, some are fleeting, and some I know in my heart of hearts are so deep seated they will be with me until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil. What I want to share with you today though, is my passion for someone elses

Cyber Monday Giveaway!

As most of my regular readers would know, I’m an unabashed Sci-Fi geek. Dr Who is my ultimate hero and Star Wars-isms are so common place in our house I often refer to my sons as being bi-lingual.…

However, what you may not know is I am also heavily involved with and deeply attached to my wonderful fantasy worlds. The words of Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Raymond Feist, Sara Douglass, Elizabeth Haydon, Sherrilyn Kenyon and… dare I say it… Stephanie Meyer, are steeped into my bones.

If I had to choose between Sci-Fi and Fantasy well, it would be like asking me to choose my favourite child. I’m not saying I don’t have a favourite, just that it changes from day to day and moment to moment hehehe ;) So it’s probably a good thing I work for RedBubble and can’t enter our current competition. But Y

Alaska here I come!

Just don’t hold your breath waiting, coz it’s gonna be just a little while before I get there ;)…

Like most people, I too have a bucket list of things I’d like to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil. I’ve even managed to scrub a few off already… like swimming with dolphins, my hands down favourite happy place memory to visit when things are a bit sucky. However, visiting Alaska, something that has for me been a deep desire for many years now, and a desire that just seems to keep growing with every passing year, was never even put on my bucket list. Why? Well, I like to put things on my bucket list that are at least within a remote realm of possibility and Alaska just didn’t qualify, the cost of such a trip from Australia being prohibitive.

It was simply a pipe dream.

Until last week

All of the above

Hello my friends, it’s been a while… but then it’s been a while since I had the energy to write too, but this one has taken me the better part of a week to put together, so I guess I’m making up for it :)…

If you are planning on reading to the end of this one, I’d suggest you grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of your favourite cold beverage… Maybe you might want to fix yourself a snack while you’re at it too because as I sit here at the beginning of this ramble, the end seems very far away – just a small pinprick of light at the end of a scary dark tunnel, a tunnel where there may be any number of unknown iggly things just waiting to jump out at me to trickle their terrible tentacles down my spine and – ergo – your spine too.

Let me start by explaining the title of this post. I had a numbe

Anyone interested?

…. in getting together for a Tassie bubblemeet somewhere up north-ish? At the moment its just me and Lynne going for a walk, which of course will be lovely anyways but you know what they say about it being merrier with a bunch more people we can laugh with (and steal twiggy sticks from hehe)

If you are up for it, give a shout out to Lynne, I’m not organising this one, I’m just along for the ride :)

Warm, snuggly, soft, yummy, gorgeous, groovy, MINE!!

These are just some of of the words that customers have used when describing my latest creative pursuit…

drumroll please

Introducing the Fluff-e-Nuff!!

The softest, warmest, cutest, funnest neck cozie around! I have a small number of my hand knitted, original design Fluff-e-Nuffs at a special introductory price, ready to ship now over at my Etsy store. For a short time I’m offering FREE SHIPPING for any customers that are RedBubble members, just bubblemail me to let me know which item you would like to order and I’ll whip up a shipping code for you :)

Don’t forget Mothers Day is just around the corner… and I gift wrap for free!

tOOt tOOt!

I’m sure many of you, like myself, have difficulties blowing your own horn. I think for me, especially where photography is concerned, it stems from feeling like a bit of a fraud as a photographer for a long time… in fact it has taken years for me to be able to introduce myself to new people as a “Photographer” without expecting heralds to appear riding crashing lightening, pointing their accusatory fingers and denouncing me in their big booming heraldy-type voices as a “LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!”…

The reason I am writing now is that I have learned an important life lesson lately. When we achieve something we have set out to do it makes us feel good about ourselves. It boosts our confidence in our own abilities and encourages us to take on the next challenge with only the normal healthy

Defining moments

A few months ago I heard a piece of music by Eddie Vedder that for some reason struck a very harmonious chord somewhere deep in my soul. It was more than just thinking “wow I love this song, it’s awesome!”, it was (for me at least) perhaps along the lines of what I imagine it would be like seeing a once in five thousand year planetary alignment event… from outerspace… standing in the doorway of the Tardis… with Dr Who binging you a cup of tea and standing at your shoulder saying “Isn’t that fantastic?”…

In other words, something that you’d never forget, and would forever change the way you see your world.

The song was Rise

At the time I first heard it, it was being used as a theme song for the new season of Deadliest Catch so I heard it over and over. And without fail every time I heard

These things I am thankful for, these things and many many more...

Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up in the minutae of the every day, that I develop tunnel vision that blinds me to sheer miracle of life.…

And then something will happen that opens my eyes and I remember how many wonderful things I have to be thankful for. At times the tunnel vision has been firmly entrenched for a while, and it takes several somethings to give me a metaphorical smack on the back of the head that clears my vision :)

The last few days for me has been a kind of awakening, and to ensure that I don’t go back to sleep anytime soon I decided to sit down and take stock of those things that I occasionally lose sight of.

These things I am thankful for, these things and many many more…

  • the air in my lungs (thankyou Leo, for a perfect turn of phrase)
  • a husband I adore who a
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