Hey all,

Apologies for being absent of late but life has grabbed me by the short and curlies and is tugging hard! Its all good though ;)

And the best thing is its a LONG WEEKEND THIS WEEKEND! So We are packing the family up and heading off to one of my favourite places in the whole wide world… Port Arthur .

Its really weird… for a place that has had such a violent history both past and recent I feel totally at peace there. Perhaps I was a convict in a previous life??? Oh and… it’s a photographers paradise so I am sure that when I get back next week I will have lots of lovely stuff to share ;)

Right now though I must go find myself a very large shovel so I can scrape my shit in a pile and get ready for work… don my Men in Black gear, tame my Medusa hair and push the Mach 5 button on my urban assault vehicle so I get there in time!

Much love

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