I need a shower... and a hug... and a housekeeper...

….and someone to make me a nice sweet hot cup of tea. A shoulder rub wouldnt go astray either ;)

I feel like I have been dragged through a prickle bush backwards, and sideswiped some still warm cat poo on the way through.

This week… there has been all the usual travails of life – work, kids going back to school (you would think that would make things easier wouldnt you?) lunches to be made, dinners to be cooked, pencil case emergencies to be taken care of, blah blah blah… etc etc etc… ad nauseum…

So aside from all that, this week has seen the final culmination of many MANY emails back and forth between myself and the incorrigable billyboy and the posting of our collaboration Too Precious to Lose

The response from you all was totally mindblowing, with some comments far too precious to go unnoticed. Hence, this JE. Why? Because you bloody ROCK and I am using this as a delaying tactic to avoid Friday night housework ;))

demon – “The Planet of the Arks.” Smarty pants… This made me giggle… then snort. It wasnt pretty ;)

Kitsmumma – “OMGOD!!” That was it… that was all she wrote… apparently her pc had a hissy fit halfway through commenting. (insert evil giggle here) He is always watching you Sylvia

LisaG – “Simply extraordinary……such a tale is told within….wonderful illuminating collaboration Bellababe & Billyboy…” You turned us into the RB equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde… THAT SO FREAKING ROCKS!!!! =)))

Kristy Lee “HOLY HELL!” Such bad bad words coming from such sweet sweet lips is enough to make any girl/guy shiver ;)

Dave Moilanen – “Great image! Great concept! Great collaboration! Just wonderful!”Eight words, four exclamation marks… does it GET any better than that???

Stuart Chapman – 567 word essay too long to be posted here =))) You get it Stuart… You just simply get it and that is so far beyond freaking cool that I have no words

kcranmer – "I found myself leaning in for a better look!! " (insert cheshire cat grin here) YAY!!!!

Lumineaux – “I just keep coming back to look at this” Now THIS is what its all about… we wanted to make you think, ponder, explore the possiblities. Have you any idea how cool it is to know that we achieved that with at least one person?

iCandor – “a true work of love, the love for the planet that nurtures all of us indiscriminatingly and lavishly.” She truely does… and I love that you see that in this creation of ours. Heartfelt thanks

And finally… BB himself. “Wow, it`s kind of weird being in her space replying to comments… I feel like Rhanaboy, or BillyBella or something… better get outa here before she wakes up and finds me sitting in her chair… funny, I can hear her snoring… like LOUD… HA!!” (insert evil cackle here) Oh I’ll get you my pretty…. and your little cat too!!!!!

The creation of Too Precious to Lose was such an amazing experience… from start to finish. To have it received by you all with open arms really does put a smile on this tired girls face tonight. THANKYOU!!!!

Now… if you will excuse me… I do believe I have a floor to mop.

………..le sigh.


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