Write up in the Advocate Newspaper

A little while ago I was contacted by Eliza Grey from the Advocate (the newspaper that services the North West coast of Tasmania) asking if I would be interested in participating in an article about RedBubble.

Of course I was only too happy to oblige being as RedBubble itself and all you wonderful people in the RB community have helped me so much in my journey as a photographer.

When the photographer from the Advocate came out to take a few pictures to accompany the article, I took him down to the boat ramp as the views down there are magnificent! I was a little apprehensive though… See, we were having a king tide at the time, and when he asked me if I would be game enough to go out to the end of the jetty which was all but underwater I had to think twice… It wasnt me I was concerned about, HE WANTED ME TO TAKE MY CAMERA OUT THERE!!!

It all turned out well in the end though, both myself and my beloved Sami survived the experience and below is the result.

Many thanks to RedBubble and every-wonderful-one who has made me feel so welcome here.

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