Vaseline - and a Sunday morning ramble

Hands up who has a jar of vaseline lurking in their cupboards somewhere?

puts her hand up

I’m betting a whole bunch of you just put your hands up too! I don’t ever remember buying it let alone what I may have bought it for. I have a sneaking suspicion there may be a Vaseline Man who sneaks into homes in the dead of night on his slippery feet and stashes a jar in every medicine cabinet. Because really… what is Vaseline for?

To smear all over your lens that’s what for! ;)

Last week I was reading through some of the comments on our Embrace the Blur lensbaby competition post and I came across this little snippet of conversation.

So I’m thinking to myself…

Vaseline = messy and unpredictable
Rhana = messy and unpredictable
Messy + Unpredictable = Fun?

Luckily I had a clear filter from one of my canon lenses that would fit my Sami – because at that stage my canon was still with the Canon Gods – and of course, the Vaseline Man had kindly made a foray into my cupboards so I was set like a jelly!

I head outside envisaging the beautiful, dreamy soft focus images I am going to capture to wow you all with….

Half an hour later taking photos of flowers I have nothing to show but a growing sense of frustration and sticky slippery vaseline all over my fingers, my camera, my t-shirt, my glasses, my jeans, my… well… it was everywhere.

Trying to get that “sweet spot” of sharp focus clear of vaseline while still leavng enough on the lens to get a nice soft focus effect was proving a little too delicate an operation for little ole impatient (lazy) photographer me.

Before I gave it all up as a bad joke though I figured I would go out the back and try the flowers out there – maybe the different light might help. On the way I snapped an image of my foot. Feel free to laugh at my girly (and yet still ugly) crocs.

WHOAH!!! What is this I see? Something groovy and psychodelic is happening when I shift back a little from my subject! Who woulda thunk it? All of a sudden my plain old boring back yard takes on a whole new reality in this new realm of infinite possibility! Here’s a few images to show you what I mean…

So all in all a very different result to what I set out to achieve, but damn I had me some good old fashioned messy creative fun!

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