Show me yours, and I'll show you mine!

Oh get your heads above your navels people! =))

This is an idea that I have stolen (with complete permission of course) from Cathleen Tarawhiti. It goes like this…

You show me your favourite five images of mine, and I will go riffling through your drawers (like the complete stalker that I am) and post my favourite five images of yours. I promise I’ll try not to leave a mess at your place ;)

Its a quid pro quo kinda thing but without Hannibal Lector… although I do have a nice Chianti in the fridge if anyone is interested ;)

First in first served… I’m off to pick up my boys from school, back soon!

PLEASE NOTE – anyone should feel free to play… except Paul Louis Villani because I love every single thing he posts and will find it impossible to choose five… I may end up having a brain embolism

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