Totally Wicked Awards Round 2!

Thankyou for such a wonderful response to my first Totally Wicked Awards!

Round two has been so much harder… the quality of work being uploaded here on RB continues to astound me! A quick recap for those who have no clue what the TW awards are.

Every now and then – and sometimes more often than others =) – I am going to present you with a few images which have captured my interest in my wanderings. ONE of those works will receive my Totally Wicked Award for that day. Some of my nominees may be popular artists, but they may also be people that arent on the radar quite so much.

I hope by doing this that I can introduce you to some artists that you may not be aware of or may have overlooked and create a greater circle of interaction between us all.

To find the winner you will have to go check out these artworks (and while you are there hopefully you will check out their galleries too!) and look for this little guy in the comments section…

Here are tonights nominees…

Pussycat by Jacky

Nymagee Sunset by Mark Ingrham

Kawhia Sunset by Cathleen Tarawhiti

Hope by derid

Transcendant by Shane Smart

Dance to the End of Time by Geoff Coleman

Warners Bay Sunset by Mark Snelson

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