Fabulous Flowers - Group Guidelines

Welcome to the Fabulous Flowers group!

This is a group for anyone from photographers to traditional artists to digital creators who find beauty in the shape, form and colour of one of natures greatest gifts – the flower.

Please upload a maximum of two shots a day only

Please only post a total of ten photos per member only – feel free to add and delete works as you capture more fabulous images!

Please have fun and enjoy yourselves

If you have any questions please post a comment here.

I’ve taken this from the Community page

Group Guidelines

There really are only three:

1) only add work which is directly relevant to each group

2) don’t add too much work to any group in any given day.

3) don’t get upset if the moderators remove your work from a group. See 1 above. Remember all the moderators are volunteers who are doing all of us a service so play nice with them or don’t play.

Rule 2 is designed to benefit both the groups and the artist. For the groups it allows them to grow with diversity. For the artist their work is much more likely to be discovered/noticed if it is trickled in.

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