Happy Happy Joy Joy - a post for lovers of tulips!

This is for Lisa and Mark, for Boz, Whirli, Kristy, Demon and derid. Its for cdwork, richiedean, Stuart, googa Nicole and oz…

Its for everyone who commented on my last two images and everyone who just loves tulips!

I had so much fun yesterday capturing the glorious colours and forms of so many tulips that Ithink I have fallen a little in love with them. Daffodils will remain my perennial favourite of course, but I think tulips are now up there on my list with baby carnations and old fashioned roses.

I posted the images yesterday to get some feedback from you all for the Tulip Festival coming up, as our camera club is holding an exhibition. However, I have all these wonderful images left over which arent perfect, artistic, or otherwise worthy or of interest being posted here on RB.

They are however… TULIPS!

They are bright! They are colourful! They are a little sexy and not afraid to reveal their inner goddess ;) They put a smile on my face (and hopefully yours!)

So I thought I would post these here purely for the enjoyment factor. Come a tip-toeing with me ;)


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