Grab a glass of your favourite poison...

Why? Because it’s been a while so I have lots to share…

OI! Where do you think you are going? Don’t think I didn’t see you roll your eyes and start to walk away… don’t make me get out my pink fluffy handcuffs or my pointy stick!

So you might have noticed my temporary av change. I was railroaded into changing it by Stuart Chapman

Ok… so maybe railroaded is not exactly the right word. Words were exchanged and a deal was struck… Aside from the fact that this wonderful human bean, my cohort in mayhem and fellow world dominator put me up next to one of the most sexiest women in the world, I would have done anything to see him wearing lippy with shoelaces on his head again.

If you haven’t watchlisted Stuarts Promotion of Others yet, what are you waiting for? Just remember to come back here once you are done.

Moving right along…

Tuesday night saw me at the award presentations for The Advocate newspapers Our Patch Calendar. It was absolutely brilliant to see that out of 24 finalist images Redbubblers had six of them!! A highlight of the evening was meeting Shane Walker, and Phillip Wise. Many congrats to all the bubblers whose wonderful images were chosen.

Another highlight was watching my hubby sink 6 free beers in just over an hour. He reckons he just couldn’t say no to the sexy little barmaid, all her fault apparently.

Where Dreams Like Rivers Flow, one of my personal favourites, made the grade for the month of February.

Weekend before last I made the mistake of telling the very wicked and ebil Mr John Robb that I was off mazing the next day. He threw me the challenge of leaving my macro lens at home.

After hyperventilating and passing out at the mere thought, when I came around he used his wicked ebil ways (read he poked fun at me) to convince me it would be a good thing.


Much to my surprise, it was a good thing. But I fear the whole ordeal may have left me traumatised.

Don’t ever make me do that again John.

For some self help therapy to help overcome the brutal trauma of this challenge, I bought and took delivery of a 12mm extension tube for my macro…

Mel, have I told you how much I love you lately?

Do any of you remember the wicked calendar we were running a competition for a couple of months ago? Well, we have a winner… and the calendar is nearly finished!!! I hope you all still have one wall left in your house for this very special collaboration, this will definately be the must have calendar of the year!

Warning: You may have to hide it when Grandma or Aunty Joan come to visit, its a bit… ummm… cheeky ;)

Speaking of calendars, I do believe their is a pussy calendar that I need to check out. Meeeeooow!!

So…. that’s it for me. If you made it to the end and clicked on all the links then you deserve a cookie.

Not my cookies though… get your own!

Being as I haven’t been about of late, if you have posted anything you think would tickle my fancy feel free to use this journal for some shameless self promotion.

Much love

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