Fathers Day... and *I* get the best present!!

My hubby is quite possibly the sweetest man this side of the Bass Strait!

Look what he bought me today…

I am so beyond excited I can barely type!!

I think what convinced him was that he took us for a drive to one of the most incredibly breathtakingly beautiful places I have ever been to today. Gunns Plains. Perhaps it was the look on my face, equal parts mixed with wonderment at the scenery and despair that I didnt have a camera to capture it with.

So as we were driving home he asked me if I wanted to “show” him the camera I was looking at.

She is now sitting by my side, as imaptient as I to start our mutual exploration of each other.

So please excuse me this evening, I have a manual the size of a small novella to read, and many buttons to press, curves to caress…. well… you get the idea.

Peace Out!! :))))

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