It's all about ME!!

Today I am celebrating one year on the Bubble!! Drinks all round!

For those of you who would like to know who is to blame for me inflicting my presence on you all these past 365 days look no further than here Feel free to send her a virtual smack or hug, whichever you feel she is deserving of for introducing me to this fabulous community ;)

This past year has been a rollercoaster ride of rediscovering my passion for photography, learning how much I don’t know about photography, and letting my creativity run wild with this new fandangled contraption called photoshop.

I have met some wonderful people who have been so very generous with their knowledge and ever so patient with my numerous questions. Luckily the friendships I have formed with these people have also enabled them to kick my butt when I get it so blatantly wrong.

However their enduring support and encouragement when I come close to getting it right is what has kept me going, getting me through my periods of self doubt and aspiring to become better so they, my mentors and constant inspiration, might one day say “Hey kid… I’m proud of what you have done here”.

I’ve also been blessed to work alongside some of those that I admire to create some wonderful collaborations.

Billyboy and I both poured our hearts and souls into Too Precious Too Lose for the Gaia Competition. We didn’t get published but the transcontinental collaboration experience was something I will always treasure and never forget. This piece also sold recently as part of one of my exhibitions, very exciting!

Geoff Coleman graciously lent me the use of his lightening bolt to create Stormchaser. Geoff has also lent me his unwavering support and his tactful criticism, for which I will always be grateful.

Rose Moxon finally asked for one of my images to be able to work her magic with. I thought the day would never come!! She has also involved me in her (not so) secret calendar project and offered me guidance in my burgeoning photography career. In the many hours of telephone conversations and dozens of back and forth text messages I think I can safely say that Rose is a now friend for life – like it or not Rosie ;)

Tears of a wild Rose is a personal favourite, and I can’t wait to hang it on my wall.

Paul Vanzella completely blew me away when he worked his magic on In Her Eyes. Paul’s portfolio is chock-o-block full of inspiration and whenever I am feeling a little less than creative, invariably his is the portfolio I go a-wandering through for a pick-me-up. He also happens to have one of my all time Redbubble favourites hanging in there.

I only wish I looked half this good in real life. Thanks for the 2985 views too ;)

Andrew Bosman saw what I could not when he transformed my pretty little picture of Lake Llewelyn into something that could have been taken when dinosaurs roamed the earth- Obsidian Enchantment was the result. With over 20 years of experience as a photographer he has also graciously allowed me to pick his brains over the last year. I’m sure that he, as everyone who has helped me, has learnt to cringe when they get a bubblemail from me “Oh no, not HER again” they must be thinking =)

I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I am doing now, or producing work anything more than slightly crap if it weren’t for the people above and those that I am about to list below…

Mel Brackstone was one of the first artists work that I noticed here on the Bub that made me go “OH FREAKING WOW!!!!”. Of late she has helped me out so much with equipment and tech queries and also has become someone I am bessed to count as a friend.

Mark German took me under his wing at the beginning of the year when I was holidaying with him and Lisa. He took a very VERY raw tog and gave me some basic yet very necessary instruction on all manner of tog type things. His work is amazing, he has this god given ability to capture the essence of any human being through his viewfinder. He took the image that I use for my av on my other page and it was scary to actually see the real me for the very fist time.

Stuart Chapman is my evil twin co-conspirator for our plans to take over the world. Stuart makes the Bub Fun with a capital “F”. He has become a treasured friend who is always free for a chat, be it serious or silly. I’m his Adam’s Aussie Aunty Bella and I one day hope to have him wake me up at Stupid O’clock to drag my sorry arse out into his world. He also gives great comment!!!

Deb Parkin is an incredible human being with a heart as big as the Atlantic. Her compassion infuses her photography with such life that it often takes my breath away. Our styles are yin and yang, I love saturated colour, she is the undisputed black and white Queen and yet we connect on a very special level. The day I get to put my arms around Deb will be counted among my happiest I am sure.

This past year has seen me grow as an artist, and also as a person. Hubby has gradually gotten used to being a Redbubble Widower, the kids have gotten used to getting their own afternoon snacks and having to rummage through mountains of washing that I never seem to have time to fold anymore, always too busy being “creative”.

I have exhibited works in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and my own adopted home town. I have taken on my first commercial project as a photographer with varying degrees of success, sold work around the globe (I never DID find out who that mystery buyer from Europe was) and even been interviewed by the local newspaper .

I have also discovered I am likely the only ESFP personality in this whole huge community… what does that say about me???? Come on fellow ESFP’s, there has to be more of you out there! I feel sooooo alooooone ;)

A highlight was having the pleasure of meeting the extremely hard-working Redbubble crew and earning myself the official title of Customer Support and Chocolate Biscuit provider and a job in the mailroom helping out my fellow bubblers. That’s none too shabby in itself =)

And if you have gotten all the way to the end of this anniversary celebration journal then YOU deserve a chocolate biscuit too!

Thankyou to everyone who takes the time to have a look at my work, leave a comment, send an uplifting bubblemail. And an extra special thankyou to by behind-the-scenes support team, my wonderful T Family. Lisa, Ajay, Missy, Kristy, Cin… you lift me up.

I thought my life was pretty damn good before Redbubble…

Baby, you should see me now!!!! Thanks to Redbubble I have discovered my inner artist.

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