So long... Farewell... Auf Weidersen, Goodnight!

I flit… I float… I fleetly flee, I fly!

So we are moving this weekend, to a “shack” down the road for ten weeks until we move yet AGAIN out to my Dad’s place to babysit his house and the dog for twelve months while he goes travelling.

I hate moving.

Moving sucks. BIG time.

At least this time there is a bonus. Our “shack” is a two story mansion literally right across the road from the beach (expect some wonderful weather shots ;)

The downside is, not only are Telstra going to charge me my left ear and my first born son for disconnection and reconnection (which I will have to do yet AGAIN in ten weeks time let us not forget – bloody Telstra) I may also be without ADSL for up to a week. A WEEK!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

So that means it’s back to dial up for this chicky. Which means no Redbubble as I simply don’t have the patience for dial up anymore.

So have fun, be creative, if you can’t be good be careful, and I will catch you all when I am back up to speed.

Loves and hugs

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