I'd like you to meet a few friends of mine...

My youngest son came home with a note and a beseeching look on his face. “Mum PLEASE will you come with my class to Wings Wildlife Park?” What could I say? My heart is not made of stone you know…

My only stipulation was that I would NOT be riding on the bus… 50 kids in a small confined space for 3 hours? Nup! Not my idea of fun…

So this morning I packed the car with supplies, dark sunglasses, half a pack of cigarettes (bonus points if you get the reference) and head off. I left at the same time as the bus, stopped twice for photos, and STILL arrived early enough to be finishing a cappucino before the bus pulled up and I received many an envious glance from the other parents who were NOT smart enough to take their own cars ;)

We had a ball… came home with boots covered in 57 different types of poo, mud halfway up my jeans, and the proud god-mum of a pair of baby rabbits who I escorted to their new owner =)

Met some interesting characters along the way… thought I might share them with you. And yes, I’ll post some cute Aussie icons for my overseas friends too… sigh.

Oh! But first… something you should know about Tasmanians. We don’t drive cars. We drive heavy machinery…. everywhere… and people wonder why there is so much road kill? We’re not talking cats… we’re talking cows, and elephants.

On to the main event… Meet Jock. Jock is the super smart head of the Goose Guard. He is very brainy (hence the enlarged forebrain), and the work he does is top secret. Therefore his name must be changed daily. Today his name is Snigwaffle Peabody. Don’t laugh. He has a gun.

Next up, we have a beautiful little NORMAL wallaby. I have to stress NORMAL. You will see why later. Ok, everybody go awwwwwwwww……

This little wallabies family is rich, they are rumoured to be related George Greegan. Rich enough to employ some of Snigwaffle Peabody’s troops to protect them from marauding emu’s while they eat.

I had a close encounter with the BIGGEST freaking goat known to mankind. I was afraid he was going to eat my Cody. FOR REAL!!! Check out the size of that head!
starts singing High on a hill was a lonely goatherd (muahaha Lisa, Rose and Juilee)

Here’s a wallaby (remember I did give you a NORMAL cutie for reference ;)) with a very long….errrm…. tail. You can see why the mainland kangaroos have issues with our boys ;)

Visiting the Tassie Devil enclosure was definately a highlight, htere were adults and babies, all growling ferociously and playing tug of war over a nice juicy wallaby hock…oh… dear… guess that wallaby came from the wrong side of the tracks, couldn’t afford Guard Geese protection =(

This little guy was just about to pounce on his brothers head.

I vowed to come back when the action had calmed down a little to get some great shots.

However, as Murphys Law would have it, by the time I got back they were all plum tuckered out… Still cute though ;)

I nearly got into a fist/feather fight with this guy when he threw out his challenge…
“Gobbledy gobbledygobblegobblegobble” which roughly translates into “Who YOU callin turkey… turkey!?”

I fell in love with this nutter. He is a wallaby. An albino wallaby. An albino wallaby who quite possibly is related to Captain Jack Sparrow. He is a major weirdarse… he even walks like Jack. When I asked him what he was doing here he replied “Isn’t it obvious? I is bein Stevie Wonder… playin on mah invisible peeanyah”

Well duh… of course! Silly me.

Possibly the cutest, sweetest little darlin with four paws I saw all day. I have a real soft spot for ferrets. I used to share my home with a couple. Anything that can make me snort with laughter, and then sleep for 18 hours a day is a winner in my book.


Ok ok… I know I promised… here is the obligatory icon photo.

Koala’s…. meh…

Yeah ok… they are damn cute…

I decided to stop by the Tassie Devils one last time, in the hope that they had woken up.

Still snoozin… perhaps they are related to ferrets?

So that was my day… it’s a hard life for some eh? =))

I’ll leave you with my buddy, Captain Jack Wallaby… doing his Tarzan impression. Right or wrong he was gonna swing!

Bloody wallabies…. I told you they were weird. Cute. But weird.

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